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Beaver Builder Agency 2.4.1 released


Staff member
  • Button Group: Convert Button Spacing to a dimension field and make it responsive for more control (#791)
  • Button Group: Add group name option for Accessibility
  • The Events Calendar: Posts Module now respects the Events Calendar "Hide from Event" Listings checkbox (#495)
  • List Module: Add Icon Width Field (#576)
  • Add Object Cache to Cache Helper Tool (#691)
  • Subscribe Module: Add integration with Mailjet
  • Update FontAwesome to 5.15.1 (#784)
  • Do not clear cache on upgrader_process_complete as cache is already cleared when BB is updated
  • Use wp_kses_post for photo captions (#448)
  • Make sure users who enter sensitive code have WordPress' unfiltered html capability (#448)

Bug Fix
  • Accordion Module: Fix RTL issue with labels (#414)
  • Button Group: Fix Button Spacing not working on Safari (#791)
  • Button Group: Fix responsive alignment (#690)
  • Content Slider: Fix button padding not working (#625)
  • Text Editor Module: Add compatibility with the HappyFoxChat plugin (#445)
  • Layout Shortcodes: fix issue where an empty slug attribute can load all posts for the layout (#608)
  • Posts Module: Move Post Grid Sizer to the bottom (#497)
  • Posts Module: Fix compatibility with WOOF WooCommerce Products Filter (#649)
  • Posts Module: Fix pagination on Polylang translated pages or on the WooCommerce Shop Layout when more than one module is on the page (#718 & #752)
  • Search Module: Fix bug with the $settings variable (#779)
  • Fix PHP notice on a 404 layout when using layout shortcodes (#693)
  • Fix fixed background images showing as zoomed in on iPadOS (#686)
  • Fix UI not opening on Themer Header Layout when Klaviyo plugin is active (#791)
  • Fix Yoast Integration not reading BB content (#788)
  • Fix Tooltips issue in User Access area of settings when WooCommerce is active (#748)
  • Fix broken serialization during import and the "Invalid Content" dialog in some cases when editing a page or a post (#834)


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