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ChatBot for WordPress 10.3.0

Elite System

What Can this ChatBot do for you?
WPBot can converse fluidly with your users on website and FB messenger – thanks to its ability to integrate with Google’s DialogFlow V2 (AI and NLP).
It can search website, send & collect eMails, user feedback & phone numbers .
You can create Custom Intents from DialogFlow with Rich Messages & Card responses!
Use Onsite Retargeting to improve your Conversion rate by showing special offers and coupons on Exit Intent, Time interval or Page Scroll-down and a lot more!


  • chatbot-for-wordpres_10.3.0.zip
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new version available

# DF Tutorial link updated.
# esc key to close the chatbot window - done.


# Logo not found / settings page broken issue fixed.


# Chatbot Dashboard WooCommerce ChatBot Not Installed - issue fixed.
# Bot will ask name again if user type something unrelated instead of name.
# STR/FAQ answer cut off issue fixed.
# Conversation Details - text added in language center.
# Reset yes/no issue - if user type yes/no instead of clicking on button - fixed.


# Notification Intent translation issue fixed.
# Enable Intent Navigation for Notification area - issue fixed.
# Owner permission text added in Dialogflow Settings
# Button design - gradient removed - solid color added
# Name confirmation - Yes/No button in single line - done.


# Name confirmation step added. Option added in General settings. Language added in language center.


# Load More text added in language center.


# Woocommerce addon product search issue fixed.


# Button hover background label changed.
# pro-active.mp3 would not load if sound disabled.


# [wpbot-page] response issue fixed.
# Leave you phonenumber we will call you back - supports 15 digit phone number


# Custom menu link - link type option added - link, email, phone.


# CF Minlength Maxlenth for number field supported.
# STR query issue fixed.


# DF Order intent js issue fixed.
# 404 page updefined issue fixed.


# Conflict issue fixed with userswp plugins.


# Display chatbot for only logged in user - option added in General Settings > Loading control options section.
# Settings Exclude from pages issue fixed.
# wpbot-page shortcode issue fixed.
# click to chat shortcode issue if bot disabled on a page - fixed.
# STR Pro added in WPBot Dashboard


# MS Explorer compatiblility issue fixed


# STR category click smalltalk response issue fixed.


# Dialogflow Card Response Link Open in Same Window - option issue fixed.

# Settings > Start Menu UI updated
# STR reindexing issue fixed.


# Incorrect table definition; there can be only one auto column and it must be defined as a key - issue fixed.
# Can't DROP 'query'; check that column/key exists - issue fixed.


# Too many keys issue fixed.
# STR Category warining issue fixed.
# STR Pro supported


# Conflict issue with Oxygen Gutenberg Integration plugin fixed.


# "Auto Scroll to Bottom" option added in Settings > General Settings page.


# Sroll to the message not at the very botton - issue fixed.
# Disable notification for Mobile - option added.


# Scroll to the last message feature improved.


# Notification close button issue fixed.
# Greeting asking phone issue when no email provided - fixed.
# Disabled auto focus in mobile - implemented.
# Sroll to the message not at the very botton - implemented.
# Scroll in mobile made smoother then before

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