Email subscribers plugin woes

Oct 6, 2016

I am currently using an email subscribers plugin for WordPress, however, now we have over 700 subscribers to site updates, the site crashes every time I publish a new post, but not if I publish a page. This is because the plugin is meant to email an update every time a new post is published, so I have come to the conclusion it is this process that causes the dreaded "508 resource limit reached", which lasts an hour or two. X-(

On cPanel, I get entry processes 20/20, Physical mem usage 1Gb/1Gb and a similar, red line for I/O for some time after publication. =(

Is there a nice plugin that can do this without crashing the server? Any recommendations?



Staff member
Sep 29, 2016
I assume you are on shared server,if so you must move to vps.

I don't know for which plugin you're saying but i recommend you as first step to contact plugin devs to verify that the plugin doesn't have any issue

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