FB Inboxer - Master Facebook Messenger Marketing Software 4.7


Facebook Inboxer is a revolutionary, world’s very first,most powerful and complete facebook messenger marketing software. This application can send bulk message to your pages’ messenger leads. And it is combined of suit of tools for generating messenger leads.

*Sales Page URL:
*Download Link: [HIDE=3,13,6,9,10] https://mega.nz/#!gOAFgTrJ!U6_anP3a_gnn55LldKl6Ja6rnVxPBHJVuL5GYewm9Ys [/HIDE]
This one's easy to crack :)

Search for code_activation_check_action method and replace as following:
public function code_activation_check_action($purchase_code,$only_domain,$periodic=0) { $content_to_write = array( 'is_active' => md5('nulledfire'), 'purchase_code' => 'nulledfire', 'item_name' => 'FB Inboxer', 'buy_at' => date('Y-m-d'), 'licence_type' => 'Regular License', 'domain' => false, 'checking_date'=>date('Y-m-d') ); $config_json_content_to_write = json_encode($content_to_write); file_put_contents(APPPATH.'config/licence.txt', $config_json_content_to_write, LOCK_EX); $content_to_write['is_active'] = md5(md5($purchase_code)); $core_json_content_to_write = json_encode($content_to_write); file_put_contents(APPPATH.'core/licence.txt', $core_json_content_to_write, LOCK_EX); // added by mostofa 06/03/2017 $license_type = 'Regular License'; if($license_type != 'Regular License') $str = $purchase_code."_double"; else $str = $purchase_code."_single"; $encrypt_method = "AES-256-CBC"; $secret_key = 't8Mk8fsJMnFw69FGG5'; $secret_iv = '9fljzKxZmMmoT358yZ'; $key = hash('sha256', $secret_key); $string = $str; $iv = substr(hash('sha256', $secret_iv), 0, 16); $output = openssl_encrypt($string, $encrypt_method, $key, 0, $iv); $encoded = base64_encode($output); file_put_contents(APPPATH.'core/licence_type.txt', $encoded, LOCK_EX); return json_encode("success"); }
Search for periodic_check method and replace as following:
public function periodic_check(){ $today= date('d'); if($today%7==0){ if(file_exists(APPPATH.'config/licence.txt') && file_exists(APPPATH.'core/licence.txt')){ $config_existing_content = file_get_contents(APPPATH.'config/licence.txt'); $config_decoded_content = json_decode($config_existing_content, true); $last_check_date= $config_decoded_content['checking_date']; $purchase_code = $config_decoded_content['purchase_code']; $base_url = base_url(); $domain_name = get_domain_only($base_url); } } }
Then register with purchase code "nulledfire", and you're set!

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