How To Get Rapid Result In Seo?


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Can we do SEO on daily basis to get rapid results and My website have only one url?
If not how to show instant result to clients??​

Suggestions Below:

Nope those days have gone for most folks..... You would need a massive PBN do that and cost for cost its much simpler to go for ads..... There are other techniques but that relates to churn and burn and as such don't recommend that if you are looking for a sustained long term business....
Of course you can do that to get rapid results on search engines but if you want to get faster results you need to more quality backlinks.
If not??? I really don't understand your questions.
if you want to show instant result to clients in a short time, you need to prepare 100 quality sites or even more than to show fastest results if they are high competitive keywords.

It is however Black hat. It is frowned upon by many. There is huge debate on the net about if this method is worth it. So be warned: If you do this, do not blame me if your site looses ranking in the future. But be sure that for a while your site will definitely rank tops.

It is called SAPE links. It is back links bought from the SAPE network, which is a Russian network with very high ranking, high trust flow private network sites. It is tremendously powerful.

One way to get this method to be a bit more safe is to point the SAPE links to a buffer site/s and to have backlinks to your main site on the buffer site/s.

Also note that it is risky to have SAPE back links to a new site. If your site is a month old for example and suddenly it ranks number 1, I mean it just looks very unnatural.
With the new algo by Google, this time round is real-time updating which means they are faster and smarter to red flag the web-page you want to rank high; backlinks must be really high quality from websites with authority and do/have not "sell" links before. IF you can get such backlinks from these websites, most likely you will see results fast.
You are going about this all wrong. You need to learn first, get good at it, then attract some entry level clients. There's a ton of info in this forum you can sift thru for the basics, but there's also a ton of good info out on the internet too.
I don't think so. For getting results white hat search engine optimization, you will wait minimum 3-6 months. Once was a time when we got results in a month or two but now the game has been totally changed.
Very difficult with one page/URL website.

Create few more pages and interlink them. Load all with unique, high-quality content (no spinning). target keyword using on page meta and content (be careful of keyword stuffing).

Doing SEO on daily basis doesn't mean you achieve quick ranking. Try guest posting, forum discussion, blog commenting related to your niche. Focus on quality don't quantity while creating backlinks.
it's impossible to get instant results, if you do this the only results you will have is a penalty from google.
SEO can't be made in two days, it takes time.. especially if the website is new

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