How To Seriously Make Money Online


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I know there are other ways to make money online, but this is for those who just want to make their first sale all the way up to where they can quit their job.


So what are we actually doing?

It's simple..

-People are sent to a capture page that captures their email.

-Email list subscribers are sent to content (not a sales page, but actual content)

-The content brings people to buy a product.​

STEP 1: Find the product you're going to sell

You need to find the product which you are going to be selling so you can know what to write your content about. If you are going to be promoting a product that helps get more traffic to your website, you'll want to write content that is geared towards traffic and tie the product in at the end.

You will need to be an affiliate with that product so you can use,, or​

Step 2: Create your content

Now you know what product you are going to sell you need to write content or "tips" that relates to the area in your business which that product serves. Maybe it's a product that focuses on increasing conversions? So have your post be tips to increase conversions.

The key here is that you do not want to write content on how to increase traffic to your website and have your product you are promoting be about how to maximize your conversions.

The audience that is reading that post does not care about conversions. They only care about how to drive traffic. So keep that in mind.

You should have about 7 post per particular product (more if any, not less post). If you are promoting a traffic generation product, have 7 "blog post" or "articles" about tips to generate more traffic.

At the end of each post should be a (what is referred to as a) "soft sell" this whole post should not be selling that product. Give genuine and actually good and useful information on traffic generation and then at the end offer them a product to get their hands on if they want a really complete system
that tells them exactly what to do.

Once you have the content written create your autoresponder followup series. There are 2 things to keep in mind when creating your followup sequence. Your subject line should do none other than to make the person want to open the email.

The other part is the content within the email. Now that they opened the email it is important to get them to click on the link to one of your articles you wrote that. That's it. 2 things:

1 - Subject line sells the open of the email.

2 - The email should sell the click to your article you wrote.

The emails should be split so you are sending them 1 email every 2 days (or every other day).​

Step 3: Create your Capture Page

So you know what you are going to sell and you've wrote 10ish GREAT quality content that has valuable tips around the same area or space that the product you are promoting focuses on.

Now it's time to really put everything together and build the website that will capture email addresses.

It's important to keep this short and sweet (you can see my signature attached for how it should look).

This is where once you have the content written and your followup series done. The people need a reason to signup. Even if you're awesome and a great human being, they want a gift for signing up today. So give them one.

This can be an eBook (10-20 pages about a certain topic), this can be a quick video series, or just a simple PDF like this one I'm writing here.

It's important that once they signup you have that be delivered in your very first email in the autoresponder immediately upon they put their email address in.​

Step 4: Drive Traffic

Now let's recap before we move into driving traffic. So you know what product you are going to sell. You have your capture page that captures emails and you have a gift that they get when they put their email address in. In your followup sequence you have roughly 10 emails that sends them to various blog post you have written about the topic. The articles you've written at the end offers a product that they can get their hands on if they want, the first part of the article is all value-based helpful content they can use.

Now let's talk about driving traffic. Once you've done the stuff up above you are done. The only job you have left is to drive traffic. Don't worry about tinkering with the conversions and what works best, etc. That is stuff at a later time that you can outsource and play around with later.

The main way to drive traffic is through paid advertising. You can pay people with giant email list to send an ad out for you and have it get a number of click (this is called solo ads) or you can pay for someone to mention you in a blog post or video (this is called sponsoring). Or you can pay a company to have your clickable banner on their website (this is called PPC or Banner Ads).

Paid way is usually the best way because you can leverage it up, but free is also a possibility that you can use such as forum marketing and guest blogging, etc.

The thing with free that you have to keep your mind in is you can only work so hard and post so much. With paid advertising you can just order more clicks.

That's how you actually make money online. Now once you have everything in place just drive traffic and make a sale!

Once you're making sales you can then worry about bettering the conversion rates.

Just keep repeating the process if you want to sell more items. If you want to sell a conversion course along after your traffic course then just create 10 more articles about improving conversion rates and at the bottom of each include a little sell that offers them to try out a product if they would like.

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