Is schema a ranking factor on SERP?


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No is not, here are some answers over the web about this question.

A- You can increase Click through rate (CTR) using schema

A- A schema is a place of code which you are able to enhance internet site therefore that the end effect on the SERP page contains lots of additional features like celebrity score.

A- Schema markup not exactly is a rank factor but its useful to Catch attention of Google visitors.

A- Schema encourages the user to engage more with your content. It helps to improve your CTR.

A- It's a code comprising on the website, which helps the major search engines to show more informative consequences for most users. I believe it is great for user and search engine to get direct access option so that's the reason why it counts in the SERP factors.

A- The relevancy of your content is what helps in ranking. Schema does not play a bigger role.

What you think? Is schema a ranking factor on SERP?

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