Media Cleaner - Pro 5.5.0


After last automatic update receve this message, and Pro version stop working :(

IMPORTANT MESSAGE ABOUT MEDIA CLEANER. In order to comply with rules, changes in the code and how the plugin was sold had to be made. The plugin now requires to be bought through
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. You will be able to download the Pro version there (and it will be kept updated), manage your keys and websites. Only the free version can be hosted by, so this is the one you have now. To ease this upgrade, I made the price of my standard licenses cheaper.

Your license is 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111. Your license is special, so please contact me. If you absolutely need to use the plugin as it was before, with your current license key, please download it again here:
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. I will keep the old system up for a while, but no updates will be possible, and better to enjoy the discount codes.

Also note that I also have now an
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in that store, don't hesitate to register for it. Thanks a lot for your comprehension and sorry for the troubles. Not easy for anyone but it had to be done and I think you will really enjoy the new store more than the previous clunky system.

Make sure you got a new license and all before clicking this button. It will also clean your install from the old key data.


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yes they changed way the app is licensed - previously "all code to make it pro" was in free version - now its included as separate download in paid version download somehow it wont accept my CC for yearly subs and require my to pay 59 $ just for this one plugin that it a bit too much :)


The plugin says this "This version is not Pro. This plugin is a lot of work so please consider in getting the Pro version in order to receive support and to help the plugin to evolve. Also, the Pro version will also give you the option to scan the physical files in your /uploads folder. You can get a serial for the Pro version here."


Not pro version. Requires serial number. I put in any number per instructions and still doesn't validate.
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