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Plugin Updates - Best way to request?

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Hi @Apanha, is the request update button still the best way to go when plugin updates are required?

Generally, updates have been pretty quick since I've been a member of this great site but more recently, I'm waiting for over a week or more for updates.

I don't know what you see on the backend of the website when a member requests an update and I don't want to spam or reply to posts to try and get attention.

Thanks in advance, hopefully, you have some help to keep on top of things.


Hi @Apanha,

On top of the previous message, it would help if you would notify us if you are not supporting the plugin, theme or script any more so we can search for an alternative arrangement.

The notification should be on the plugin description page so we can see it as we arrive to download a fresh update.

Since you made changes to how the updates are presented it is very confusing and adds lots more work on our end to keep up with what we use that needs constant verification if a new update is out there. Unfortunately, WordPress does not always show notifications about new updates available and in some cases, WordPress is never showing updates so I need to check the changelogs frequently come back here and request an update then wait until it is available.

But in some cases, the updates are crucial for the website's stability and security. And if there is a year or two gap between updates then the latest update is undoubtedly very important.

Many thanks for all your hard work.

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