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Porto Theme + Woocommerce Database Update

I know some people on this site, don't like this theme, but a good portion of clients, do...
So, their wishes are paramount ( but will try to advise the client, anyway ).

Here's another interesting thing about the Porto Theme - this has occurred with EVERY install of Porto managed.

Periodically, Woocommerce releases a database update.
As an admin you get the update nag, you then click on the button to upgrade/update the database and wait - after a few moments it will have processed, and all is good to go.

Sounds simple enough? and it usually is.... however... the Porto theme for some reason or another refuses to show the upgrade notice and most users will probably be blissfully unaware that the database needs to be upgraded.

How was it discovered?
-- Managing a lot of sites can be truly time consuming, and using a management system like Infinite Wordpress is a really good solution to this type of task.

It lets you (as the admin) know what needs to be upgraded/updated on a continual basis - setting the notices to send to an email helps keep you "on top' of each and every new change to plugins and themes.

Short story... that's how it was noticed that it required the upgrade........

Problems ensued....

Opening the admin area of the Porto theme will not show the issue - the ONLY WAY TO UPGRADE THE DATABASE IS TO TURN THE THEME OFF!

Yep... OFF.
.. upgrade the database then turn it back on.... A notice to Porto has been sent, don't know what will happen though....

Will not use this theme anymore - its way too troublesome.... IMHO

PS: for those "techies" that advise to use this to force the update using this:

This generally results in an error (The link you followed has expired.)
This is resulting from the fact that the database has been already updated.
*But it has'nt!

Tried it many times - the only way, is the OFF way - what a hassle... !

The upshot is:
1) You don't know if it needs an upgrade
2) Forcing an upgrade does'nt apply
3) To fix, requires theme disabling
4) Pain in the a**
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I have faced this with plugin,i had to Deactivate and Activate again the plugin to update the db.
Well done for your post,very helpful.

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