Very Good, But...

Hey Aphana (& crew),

  • great price
  • great & useful products (no trash)
  • excellent support
  • immediate updates, of missing updates


  • bad backup/downtime management (downtimes can always happen due to ddos, hardware failure, etc.), you should save backups out of the box, when you are running such a business.

all in all, the pros are dominating and I hope that you learned from last backup-fail. keep up the good work! really appreciated the work you guy(s) are doing.


Staff member
If this is the only negative in your opinion,i can say with confidence that it has been corrected.
Automatically daily backup has been activated ;)

Thank you for your review.These types of reviews gives us the opportunity to fix/change things for the best result.

Best Regards

Nadish Hussain

Well if it was the only negative point then I must say that I rated Nulled Fire 10/10 was absolutely right. Because this is the first time I've subscribed on Nulled Fire hence never faced that negative point :)

I've found 100% uptime with Nulled Fire, download servers are so powerful. This website has made my life easy.

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