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Why is social media important for SEO?


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Sep 29, 2016
Today i've found 1 interesting Q&A and i would like to share with you.


I can see how social media is great for publicity, gaining a following and having an easy line of communication to them but I cant see clearly how it benefits SEO.
Could anyone explain this to me?

Read below the answers got the above interesting question.

Social Media has nothing to do with SEO. They are only good for referral traffic and your brand awareness.

2-There is good relation between number of social media shares and domain authority. Google loves posts which are shared on facebook or twitter. You can see moz open site explorer. It takes facebook shares as an important metric to determine domain authority.

3-By using Social Media sites, you can aware the users about your products and services. You can generate a traffic in your site by social networking activities. And it helps to convert traffic in to lead.

It is really great platform where you can increase your brand or popularity of your business by creating business page or paid ads. So it really helps you in SEO in terms of traffic.

4-This is a good question. All people who pretend as SEO experts claimed or maybe talkative that the social media shares of a web page are important for SEO. But, no one of them can show how it could be. To proof such a statement need a more scientific research.

5-Google also considers social signals while deciding which post should rank on SERP. The only reason why people shares or likes and article is because they find it useful. Google encourages to promote article that are of high quality and help solve painpoints of target customers.

6-Social Media does not have any direct impact on your SEO. However Social media sites help you to build your own social brand and also help you to increase your authority. Since Social media sites provides you nofollow links so, the links doesn't pass any juice.

7-I think Social signals impact directly or indirectly on search engine rankings. There are no. of factors that show how social signals impact on organic rankings-

1) No. of people who like and share your website on Facebook, can come directly on your website.
2) No. of tweets including a link of your website, can bring some visitors directly into your website
3) Social signals increases your link profile and give a quality link to your website
4) They increase your brand awareness.
5) They can drive more traffic and pass on authority to your websites.

8-Social Media traffic is an important factor in SEO. And much more, in small and medium business, social media, especially Facebook, helps your business a lot. It's not only get traffic, get engagements, get visitors via viral it also helps you to build your brand awareness, sell your products, your services quickly with cheaper cost. With Facebook, there have many types of advertisement on it and base on your business you want, you can run each ads types belong to it, example: CPC, Boost post, Get like, Get lead, video view,...IMO

9-You cant get all traffic from google only social media is popular traffic source after google so if you have good popularity and followers then you can get it huge traffic.

10-Social media, similarly to comments, are very easy to manipulate. Like others have said, I can see social media working well to drive referral traffic and be a great way of display social proof (even though numbers can be manipulated) but I really can't see it being used as a way to improve your SEO.
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