Thrive Content Builder - 1.500.6

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  1. Apanha


    Sep 29, 2016
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    Thrive Content Builder has been updated to Version 1.500.6

    Changelog for Version 1.500.6 :

    • Fixed in Image Overlay for external URL wasn’t working
    • Fix [] operator not supported for strings
    • Changing parent states when lightbox subscription is made fixed
    • Fix outer circle display and color picker for “data elements/fill counter”
    • Fix for IpadPro – Page Sections
    • Patch for Paid Membership Pro wrongly-implemented shortcodes
    • Fix for TCB menus overlapping when used one after another
    • Collapsed editor overflowing issue on smaller displays
    • Custom classes are shown for elements in TCB

    Click Here to Download: Thrive Content Builder 1.500.6