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    Prices by User Role Description
    WooCommerce Prices By User Role is the WordPress plugin which extends the popular e-commerce plugin WooCommerce to add role-based pricing to default functionality.

    Prices By User Role provides the customer dynamic pricing so that products can be offer at different prices for different customer groups. For example, if you want to charge wholesalers and retail customers with different prices or you want to add the discount for the particular role group – Prices By User Role plugin is suits perfectly for your needs.

    This plugin is also designed to hide WooCommerce prices and / the “Add to Cart” button from non-registered users or individual role groups in your online shop and much more. Prices by User Role is a fantastic e-commerce tool to make your online store even better!

    Prices by User Role Features
    • Role-based pricing for products

    • Discount for the user role group

    • Markup for user role group

    • Hide the “Add to Cart” button from non registered users

    • Hide the prices from non registered users

    • Text instead of the price for the non registered user

    • Hide the “Add to Cart” button from the specific user role group

    • Hide the prices from the specific user role group

    • Text instead of the price for the specific user role group

    • Display the savings percentage

    • Custom user groups

    • WooCommerce CSV import for product list

    • Set different prices for differen roles for individual products
    • Charge different prices for each variation in a variable products

    • Hide the price for non registered users for individual product

    • Hide the price and the “Add to Cart” button from user groups for individual products

    • Support WooCommerce REST API

    • WPML translation ready

    • NEW: CSV import of variable products

    • NEW : Disable discount per product

    • NEW : Hide categories of products per user role

    • NEW : Sale price for the role price

    • NEW : Hide products by user role

    • NEW : Text instead of the “Add to Cart” button

    • NEW : Display zero price as custom text

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