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    WordPress GeoIP Country Redirect plugin allows you to automatically redirect your visitors based on their country and a set of rules which you can define into wordpress administration panel.

    The plugin automatically detects the country of your visitors and can take the following actions :

    - Redirect to a specific page of your desire.

    - Add redirect rules for either a specific Page from a dropdown of All Pages, Posts, Categories and/or Homepage

    - NEW: Create a Sitewide redirect rule no matter what page/post/category it is.

    - Mass Redirect : redirect unwanted traffic by adding a mass redirect rule. Countries without a redirect rule defined in the admin panel will be sent away to a defined location. This feature can be disabled or enabled.

    - Plugin Admin Panel inside Wp-Admin area.

    - Logging feature to see errors with installation inside wp-admin panel and the latest activity like last country redirected to which URL and so on.

    Feel free to test however you want and see how powerful it is. If you have a caching plugin, you have to disable caching for the page you apply a redirect rule to properly detect the country.

    This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind.

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    Plugin updated.
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