Admin Menu Editor Pro (Business) 2.10.1

  • Fixed a bug where the “highlight new menus” feature could keep certain top level menus permanently highlighted when some of their submenus were hidden via CSS/JS.
  • Updated the appearance of plugin settings pages to match the admin CSS changes introduced in WordPress 5.3.
  • Added a “Tweaks” tab to the settings page. This tab contains miscellaneous admin customization features. It includes new options like:
    • Hide the “Sreen Options” button.
    • Hide all admin notices.
    • Hide profile fields.
    • Hide sidebars and sidebar widgets.
    • Hide TinyMCE buttons (TinMCE is the classic post editor).
  • Fixed inconsistent dialog title bar colours that could happen when another plugin loaded the default WP dialog styles.
  • Fixed an issue where the meta box list in the “Meta Boxes” tab could be missing some boxes if you edited a post/page after installing the plugin but before opening that tab.
  • Changed how the plugin displays errors that happen while loading the menu configuration (e.g. due to an incompatible format or corrupted data). Instead of triggering a fatal error, the plugin will display an admin notice.
##### Fixed
* Fixed a minor conflict with Toolset Types.
* Fixed a conflict with the MailPoet plugin where it was not possible to change the plugin's menu icon.
* Fixed a bug where the plugin could misidentify certain core menus that have different URLs for different roles.
* Fixed a bug where the plugin could generate incorrect URLs for submenu items where the parent menu URL contained HTML entities like "&".
* Fixed an issue where certain vulnerability scanners showed a warning about one of the plugin files because it used the eval() function. This particular instance of eval() was not a security flaw, but it has been now been removed to prevent further false positives.
* Fixed a bug where the plugin could show an incorrect error message when a menu item was hidden due to there being another hidden menu item with the same URL.
* Fixed a minor issue with field alignment in menu properties.
* The "Site Health" menu will no longer be highlighted as a new menu.

##### Changed
* Improved compatibility with plugins that use non-standard hooks to add their meta boxes (example: WPML).
Updated add-on
  • Added a “Hide the frame scollbar” option to menu items that open in an iframe.
  • Improved the automatic frame height calculation algorithm. When the framed page is on the same site (that is, same origin), the frame height will match the content height. This means you no longer need to manually set the frame height for pages like that.
  • Tested with WP 5.2.
  • Added an option to automatically hide new plugins from the “Plugins” page. It was already possible to hide newly installed plugins, but previously this feature was tied to the “show all plugins” checkbox in the “Plugins” tab. Now there’s a separate setting just for new plugins, which lets you hide new plugins without also hiding existing plugins.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the icon dropdown from working in certain menu items and made it impossible to change the icon of the Jetpack menu.
  • Fixed a PHP warning: “non-string needles will be interpreted as strings”. This was originally patched in 2.8, but the patch was incomplete and did not fully resolve the issue. This version should fix the warning in all cases.
  • Fixed missing dependencies that prevented users from hiding meta boxes in Gutenber. Partial Gutenberg support was added in 2.8, but most users couldn’t take advantage of it due to missing files.
* Fixed a bug where clicking the "Add User" button in the "Users" tab opened an empty "Select Users" dialog, which made it impossible to select any users. Now the dialog should actually display existing users.
  • Added partial Gutenberg support. When you hide a meta box, the corresponding Gutenberg document panel will also be removed. This works for most boxes/panels.
  • Added three new shortcodes: [wp-user-first-name], [wp-user-last-name], [wp-user-login]. They display the current user’s first name, last name, and username/login, respectively.
  • Added a new WP-CLI command: “reset-plugin-access”. It changes the “who can access this plugin” setting to the default value. The default is either “Super Admin” (in Multisite) on “Anyone with the “manage_options” capability” (on regular sites). This is useful in situations where someone accidentally locks themselves out by deleting the only user who could access the plugin.
  • Fixed a PHP warning being thrown when the WPMU_PLUGIN_DIR constant is not a valid path or the full path cannot be determined.
  • Fixed a potential PHP warning about an undefined constant when uninstalling the plugin.
  • Fixed a rare PHP warning “invalid argument supplied for foreach() in menu-editor-core.php on line 4258” that was most likely caused by an unidentified plugin conflict.
  • Fixed a few minor HTML validation errors.
  • Fixed an inefficiency in the “select an icon from the media library” process that could make the browser use more memory than necessary.
  • When a dashboard widget is only enabled for one or a few roles, it will no longer appear enabled in the “All” section. Instead, it will be shown in an “indeterminate” state (like menus that have some visible and some hidden items).
  • The “Load default menu” and “Undo changes” buttons will now appear disabled when you select a role or a user. They will be enabled only when you select the “All” option. This is to indicate that these buttons affect all roles and users, not just the current selection.
* Added new "Import" and "Export" tabs. Now you can import and export most of the plugin settings, not just the admin menu and widgets.
* Fixed a bug where very long submenus wouldn't be scrollable if the current item was one that was moved to the current submenu from a different top level menu.
* Fixed an obscure bug where clicking on an item in the current submenu could cause the entire submenu to "jump" up or down.
* Fixed AME not highlighting the correct menu item when there was a space in any of the query parameter values.
* Fixed another bug where the plugin didn't highlight the correct item if it was the first item in a submenu and also a custom item.
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