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AIT Directory+ 4.0.27

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Download AIT Directory+ 4.0.27 from nulled fire. Directory theme was released in January 2013 as an absolutely unique theme concept

First version of our Directory theme was released in January 2013 as an absolutely unique theme concept, first time ever on themeforest. You’re able to easily set up an online directory portal listing categorized items of any type – companies, shops, websites and so on. We’ve spent quite a long time developing the theme as many things were changed several times to make it right

First multilingual WordPress themes with integrated multilingual system and language translations. You can have your website in any language or create a multilingual website in multiple languages. Theme is ready to use right out of the box. Everything is already translated. Just type in content in your language and it’s done.

We built this theme with the most desired features in mind and pushed it even further with a new much more customizable system. This will constantly improve with more and more features in the future. Now, you can set up any online directory portal as you wish, without the limit.

WordPress Theme is 100% responsive and works great on all devices. Customers can shop online using their mobile phones, tablets, laptop and desktop. Whole website will adapt to screen size automatically. Theme was tested on many different modern and also older phones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices.
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ait themes directory
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AIT Directory+

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