Beaver Builder Plugin Pro

Fixed Icon Group spacing issue.
  • Added responsive alignment controls to Icon Group.
  • Added available downloads to debug info.
  • Whe using Youtube video for row background, use fallback as start image then fade in when video loads.
  • Respect fl_builder_render_admin_edit_ui filter if using Block Editor.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed cache clearing on Kinsta.
  • Fixed Block Editor builder links broken in WP 5.0-5.2
  • Style hardening in Builder UI.
  • Fixed Font Awesome Pro multisite issue on subsites.
  • Added missing Node ID to the Callout Module's icon.
  • Fixed submenu toggle on mobile devices.
  • Fixed background-clip issue on row borders.
  • Fixed post slider thumbnails disappearing if you exclude a post.
  • Fixed safemode JS error FLBuilderLayout not defined.
Hot Fix
  • Fixed typography slider controls when using touch enabled devices.
  • Fixed fatal PHP error if using slideshow row background and slideshow module is disabled.
  • Fixed rare PHP error when determining template type.
  • Fixed Builder not opening issue when using Yoast and Block Editor.
  • Added dependency checks for disabled modules.
  • Added fl_select2_enabled filter to disable select2.
Hot Fix
  • Use Select2 library for font selection.
  • Update Font Awesome to 5.12
  • Fixed PHP warning to make sure the post object is an instance of WP_Post.
  • Fixed fl_builder_pre_render_css_rules filter.
  • Style hardening for builder UI when using 2020 theme.
Hot Fix
  • Fix Launch BB button so that it does not prompt you to leave/cancel when using WP 5.3
  • Subscribe Module: Update for compatibility with Sendy 4
  • You can now re-arrange your color presets
  • New filter fl_remember_settings_tabs_enabled to disable the UI remembering the last tab
Bug Fixes
  • Reduce memory consumption in WP admin by limiting the scope of data we request for the sorting feature
  • Prevent our data validation inside the UI from applying to widgets
  • Fix issue with Google Fonts in Recently Used list where the CSS was not loading
Fixed Importer issues.
This is Beta version, for stable version download from Beaver Builder Plugin Pro - History

  • Remember which settings tab was last open when opening new settings windows.
  • Debug Info: Show modules and includes folder paths if used in child theme and what modules are being overridden.
  • Sort the Template Category in the Page Builder UI when override is enabled
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed DuoTone icon issues with Icon Group Module
    Fixed default text still appearing even after being removed
  • Fixed Accordion label background icon css issue
  • Fixed Accordion issue where DuoTone options were showing when they shouldn't be
  • Fixed issue where EventEspresso stylesheet hides Text Editor module tabs and Add Media Button
Hot Fix
  • Fixed importer issue.
  • Fixed Accordian active/focus CSS issue.
  • Removed Wrapper.php from phpxmlrpc vendor package as it flagged up a false positive for malware and isnt actually used.
  • Fixed JS error with Yoast integration if Yoast meta box is disabled for post-type.
  • Fixed add media modal CSS issue introduced in WP 5.3
  • Fixed HTML being stripped in subscribe module success message.
  • Fixed typo in video background markup.
  • Fixed MODSEC issue with partial layout rendering.
  • New filter fl_builder_module_groups.
  • New JS hooks didCancelNodeSettings and didTriggerSettingsSave.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed XML import issue where illegal characters pasted from MSWord will break the importer.
  • Fixed some CDNs breaking the builder UI when responsive preview is active.
  • Fixed issue with spaces in font families not having quotes added in css.
  • Fixed multisite issue with Cache Enabler plugin during publish.