Beaver Builder Plugin Pro 2.3

  • You can now re-arrange your color presets
  • New filter fl_remember_settings_tabs_enabled to disable the UI remembering the last tab
Bug Fixes
  • Reduce memory consumption in WP admin by limiting the scope of data we request for the sorting feature
  • Prevent our data validation inside the UI from applying to widgets
  • Fix issue with Google Fonts in Recently Used list where the CSS was not loading
Fixed Importer issues.
This is Beta version, for stable version download from
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  • Remember which settings tab was last open when opening new settings windows.
  • Debug Info: Show modules and includes folder paths if used in child theme and what modules are being overridden.
  • Sort the Template Category in the Page Builder UI when override is enabled
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed DuoTone icon issues with Icon Group Module
    Fixed default text still appearing even after being removed
  • Fixed Accordion label background icon css issue
  • Fixed Accordion issue where DuoTone options were showing when they shouldn't be
  • Fixed issue where EventEspresso stylesheet hides Text Editor module tabs and Add Media Button
Hot Fix
  • Fixed importer issue.
  • Fixed Accordian active/focus CSS issue.
  • Removed Wrapper.php from phpxmlrpc vendor package as it flagged up a false positive for malware and isnt actually used.
  • Fixed JS error with Yoast integration if Yoast meta box is disabled for post-type.
  • Fixed add media modal CSS issue introduced in WP 5.3
  • Fixed HTML being stripped in subscribe module success message.
  • Fixed typo in video background markup.
  • Fixed MODSEC issue with partial layout rendering.
  • New filter fl_builder_module_groups.
  • New JS hooks didCancelNodeSettings and didTriggerSettingsSave.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed XML import issue where illegal characters pasted from MSWord will break the importer.
  • Fixed some CDNs breaking the builder UI when responsive preview is active.
  • Fixed issue with spaces in font families not having quotes added in css.
  • Fixed multisite issue with Cache Enabler plugin during publish.

  • Added support for flushing Cloudflare if official plugin is installed.
  • Photo Module: Added option to show/hide title attribute.
  • Minified slideshow CSS file.
  • Added workflow support for Drip email service in subscribe form.
  • Row Background Images: Added support for custom positions.
  • New filter fl_builder_photo_data added.
  • Added URL as a Row Background Photo option with optional title.
  • Added reCAPTCHA v3 support to Contact and Subscribe modules.
  • Post Module excerpt length slider increased from 100 to 1000.
  • Added aria-label to Content Slider background links for accessibility.
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bxslider issues.
  • Fixed schema output in Video module even when schema disabled.
  • Fixed issue with multiple/repeater form limits.
  • Fixed various serialised data issues in template dat files.
  • Show message if user already subscribed to Mailchimp.
  • Fixed settings display issues when using Twenty Nineteen theme.
  • Fixed empty H3 in Testimonial module.
  • Content slider: If transition speed is not lower than delay show a warning.
  • Fixed BG Row Video still showing video even when already removed from the Settings UI.
  • Fixed reverse stacking columns going fullwidth on responsive layout.
  • Fixed issues with Cookiebot plugin.
Hot Fix
  • Fixed Content Slider: Style tab disappears once slides are edited.
  • Fixed another equal heights column with responsive visibility issue.
  • Fixed issue on with ace code editor on SiteGround if their ForceSSL option is enabled.
Hot Fix
  • Fixed unescaped alt tag in slideshow javascript.
  • Fixed row content layout when margin-top is set to negative value.
Hot Fix
  • Fixed background video issues.
  • Fixed responsive visibility issue with equal heights column.
  • Fixed vertical tabs display issue.
  • Accessibility: Added title attribute setting for iframe in Map module.
  • Accessibility: Added TAB functionaility to Menu module.
  • Accessibility: Improved accessibility of Tabs and Accordion modules.
  • Accessibility: Added alt attribute to slideshow images.
  • Accessibility: Always show label setting as it is also used for aria attribute in Menu module.
  • Added maxlength setting for Textarea fields.
  • Row videos can now use shortcodes for url.
  • Added an option to enable video background in mobile.
  • Added Collection Schema to Posts module when not post post-type.
  • Added new filter fl_builder_get_asset_info_post_id.
  • Added new filter fl_render_featured_image_fallback.
  • Added global option to disable column max-width on responsive layout.
  • Added preload="none" to self hosted videos.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with settings lightbox if off the screen last time it was saved.
  • Fixed template post type links showing as results in Gutenberg suggested links.
  • Fixed PHP notice when post types option is not empty in the network admin settings.
  • Fixed updater logic clearing caches for all subsites when not needed on multisites.
  • Fixed bullet point css issue in Pricing module.
  • Fixed equal height issue on columns when visibility is set to medium.
  • Fixed FireFox bug for row with negative margins not working on equal height columns.
  • Fixed circle cut-off on Number Counter when the Stroke Size value is large.
  • Fixed saved column settings update/save error.
  • Fixed Mobile Menu not closing when clicked outside the toggle button.
  • Fixed row bg disappearing with ACF field connection and Yoast active
  • Fixed inline editor issues when WPML is enabled.
  • Fixed responsive issue in post carousel when equal height is enabled and parent row is set to full height or custom.
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