Beaver Builder Plugin Pro 1.10.4

A drag and drop frontend WordPress page builder plugin that works with almost any theme!

Last Update:May 19, 2017      
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  1. 1.10.4

    Fixed the builder admin menu not showing up for some people with Beaver Themer installed.
  2. 1.10.3


    • Added 'bottom' as an alignment option for row contents.
    • Testimonials Module, new setting added to control slider direction.
    • Subscribe module MailPoet 3 beta support added.
    • Updated pt_PT translation.
    • Added the same mega menu logic as the theme to the Menu module.
    • Added a submenu spacing setting to the Menu module.
    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the column width for reversed...
  3. 1.10.2


    Added dot indicating whether the builder is enabled or not on builder launch links.
    Added field connections for row background videos.
    Added tinyPNG compatibility for images stored in the builder's cache folder.

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed memory exhausted fatal error when loading templates on servers without enough memory.
    Fixed comments showing in the Posts module when they should not.
    Fixed Posts module pagination when WPML's URL variable is set...
  4. 1.10.1

    Fixed issue with super admins on multisite that aren't admins of a site not being able to use the full builder.
  5. 1.10

    General Enhancements

    Added User Access settings to the Page Builder admin settings for choosing which user roles can access certain features.
    Saved rows and modules can now be created via the Builder admin menu (formerly Templates admin menu).
    Templates, saved rows and saved modules now have their on individual pages in the admin.
    Added caching for registering templates to prevent issues with servers that have low memory.
    Changed priority of UI script loading to try and prevent...

    • Fixed a bug in 1.9.5 preventing columns in full height rows from stacking on mobile.

    • Fixed an issue with rewrites being flushed on every page load.

    Bug Fixes
    • Rolled back change in 1.9.5 that fixed some photos not going full width on mobile. That was causing all photos to go full width on mobile even when not intended. We’ll revisit that fix in 1.10.
  9. 1.9.5


    • Posts module pagination now works separately when multiple Posts modules are on a page.
    • Added support for WooCommerce Memberships.
    • Added support for setting a custom subject in the Contact Form and Subscribe Form modules.
    • Added JS config for overriding the offset of waypoint animations.
    • Added support for font-weights that have 'i' at the end of their value string.
    • Added fl_builder_editing_enabled filter.
    • Added fl_builder_module_details filter....
  10. 1.9.4

    Updated the download link