Beaver Builder Plugin Pro

A drag and drop frontend WordPress page builder plugin that works with almost any theme!

Last Update:Mar 14, 2018 at 10:29 PM      
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    Fixed responsive display on new pages that are not saved as draft or published yet.
    Fixed PHP fatal error if no timezone is selected in countdown module.
    Fixed JSON parse error if quotes are used in nested forms.
    Fixed PHP fatal error for users of WP 4.6 and below.
    Fixed JS issue in global settings, a blank setting can cause a JS error.
    Fixed layouts breaking when using the layout shortcode with Popup Maker.

    • New filter: fl_builder_render_module_html added to FLBuilder::render_module_html().
    • New actions: fl_builder_render_module_html_before and fl_builder_render_module_html_after.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a PHP fatal error when trying to upload icon sets.
    • Fixed settings trying to load from the server instead of the JS cache when dropping in a new module.
  3. 2.0.6

    Responsive Fixes
    • Preview mode accessed via the tools menu is now rendered in an iframe for 100% accurate previewing.
    • Fixed minified media queries not working in responsive preview when editing settings.
    • Fixed nodes showing in responsive preview when editing settings that have only been set to show on a specific device size.
    • Enable show_remove for photo field.
    • Order templates in wp-admin by title just like Themer layouts.
    • Use WP_Filesystem...

    • Refined responsive preview logic to make sure all media queries are parsed.
    • Added support for showing translated global rows and modules with WPML.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed responsive preview not working when you publish out of the builder and re-enter without refreshing.
    • Removed WPML language switcher widget as it only works when placed inside of a registered sidebar.
  5. 2.0.5

    • Plugin Icons are now shown in the updates core page.
    • Global JS is not included if safe mode is enabled.
    • Added url connection to HTML module.
    • Updated translation files.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Custom module SVG icons not displaying.
    • Fixed issue with GoDaddy stock photo dropdown hidden in Lite version.
    • Fixed Load More button on Posts Module when there are 1000s of posts.
    • Fixed row background fallback image on row backgrounds on...

    Hotfix: Fixed bug in HTML and Rich Text modules, was being stripped when changing to raw text mode.

    -Fixed fl_builder showing in the URL after publish causing the builder to relaunch when refreshing.
    -Fixed Responsive Display setting not being respected after publishing.

    • Fixed row overlay menus showing behind the row content.
    • Fixed duplicated columns in global rows not rendering.
    • Fixed overlay overflow menu not working for small columns.
    • Fixed TinyMCE button issues with pinned settings.
    • Fixed Siteground caching breaking the builder's settings JS.
    • Allow multiple defaults for repeater fields.
    • Remove node overlays when right clicking so nodes can be inspected.
    • Removed history manipulation when publishing until we have a...

    Hotfix: Fixed an autop issue introduced in 2.0.4.
  10. 2.0.4

    -All links now use https.
    -Added playsinline to background videos and enabled them to play on mobiles.
    -New action fl_builder_after_save_draft added when a layout is saved as draft.
    -Lots of RTL updates for builder UI.
    -Allow users to select image size when using lightbox.
    -Allow multiple post types for auto suggest field.
    -Slideshow Module - Re-enabled prev & next button for touch devices.
    -Subscribe Module - Added as a service.