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Beaver Builder Theme 1.6.5

A customizable theme with a simple yet robust set of theme options.

Last Update:Apr 19, 2018      
5/5, 3 ratings

  1. 1.6.5


    Hot Fix: Fixed Font Weight dropdown in theme customizer.
  3. 1.6.4

    • Changed and links to https.
    • Added indentation to product categories widget.
    • Added fl_theme_add_panel_data filter to allow users to change the customizer panels just before render.
    • Add role and aria-label to
    • Clear theme cache when theme is updated.
    • GoogleFonts array is now updated on every release automatically.
    Bug Fixes
    • Hamburger menu now uses header layout padding to determine its position.
    • Removed...

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed theme branding issue in translation files.
    • Fixed issue with responsive submenu items not opening if parent link is #.
  5. 1.6.3

    • New filter fl_theme_compile_less. Accepts array of files to be passed to lessc.
    • Added screen reader accessibility for social icons.
    • Added toggle logic for sub-menu on mobile devices.
    • Added Events Calendar support; CSS for archives.
    Bug Fixes
    • Removed duplicate class attribute from nav search.
    • Fixed multiple current menu items. Made sure there is only one current menu item specified in the nav.
    • Fixed the Themer footer layout for vertical...
  6. 1.6.2

    • You can now toggle sidebars for all custom post types.
    • New filters fl_theme_viewport and fl_theme_xua_compatible added.
    • Updated language files.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed padding issue on nav last menu item.
    • Fixed HTML5 markup in searchform.php.
    • Mobile Nav uses Header settings instead of Nav, as per the docs.
    • Fixed IOS issue with back button and sub menus staying on the page.
    • Fixed Font filters added in 1.6.1
  7. 1.6.1

    • Update translations. New translation en_GB added.
    • New filters fl_theme_system_fonts, fl_theme_google_fonts and fl_body_font_family
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed missing color options in Header > Nav Style.
    • Fixed an issue where Posted In: and Tags: were being displayed even when empty.
    • Fixed a js error caused by ImagesLoaded not being enqueued.
    • Fixed nav style colors for current ancestor/parent menu item.
  8. 1.6

    Updated translation files, added Mexican and Colombian translation sets.
    Add filter <code>fl-logo-text</code> to change logo image alt text.
    WP 4.7 introduced custom CSS for themes. Migrate custom CSS to use WP Core feature.
    New option for mobile navigation breakpoints including the option to have mobile menu always.
    Add support for new WooCommerce 3 product gallerys. Option added in customizer to switch gallery type.
    Sidebars are now an...
  9. Beaver Builder Theme 1.5.4


    • Added Full Width and No Header/Footer templates for posts in WordPress 4.7.
  10. 1.5.3

    1.5.3 - 11/01/2016

    • Added styling for the tabbed WooCommerce My Account page.
    • The theme skin file is now enqueued using wp_enqueue_style instead of being statically rendered.
    • Google Fonts are now enqueued using wp_enqueue_style instead of being statically rendered.
    • Added the fl_theme_google_fonts_domain filter for changing the Google Fonts domain.
    • Anchor links are now highlighted in the nav when clicked.
    • The mobile menu now closes...