Beaver Builder Theme

Added Select2 support to font settings in customizer.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a jQuery error if using slashes in scrollto links.
Fixed H5 line height setting slider in customizer.
  • Accessibility: Add landmarks to main elements.
  • Increase font size max from 72 to 100 and make it filterable.
  • Move retina and mobile image code out of jQuery ready() so they load much faster.
  • Added settings for Logo Image max-height in the Customizer for the Shrink and Fade-in Header Layout.
Bug Fixes
  • Remove max-height from retina image code.
  • Fixed WooCommerce quantity field not displaying the entire value.
  • Fixed animations when themer part is added before fixed header with shrink.
  • Fixed woocommerce login screen issues with IE 11
  • Fixed Image Logo Using Non-Retina When Mobile Header Logo is Set
  • Fixed pixelated mobile logo
Fixed scrollbar issue on RTL sites.
Fixed schema markup issue introduced in 1.7.4
  • Accessibility: Enable Nav Search TAB support and add aria label.
  • Accessibility: Add accessibility features to the Comment Form fields.
  • Accessibility: Add text to scroll to top link for screenreaders.
  • Accessibility: Add support for tabbing through sub-menus.
  • Accessibility: Added skip to content link for screenreaders.
  • Accessibility: Added aria-labels to thumbnail images, comment count and social icons.
  • Accessibility: Added aria-labels to searchform.php
  • Added filter for Image Logo TITLE attribute fl_logo_title.
  • Added support and styles for BigCommerce plugin.
  • Added Google Maps Social Icon
  • Performance tweaks.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed button styles inside the lightbox content.
  • Change CreativeWork to Article markup in content-page.
  • Fixed button styles applying to menu toggle but only on hover.
  • Fixed menu transition not smooth when collapsing.
  • Fixed JS error in mobile menu when Bootstrap JS is not loaded.
  • New filter fl_theme_disable_schema added to disable all schema added by the theme.
  • New filter fl_theme_breakpoint_opts added to configure theme breakpoints in JS.
  • Theme breakpoints for mobile and tablet are now configurable via WP customizer.
  • Added separate submenu icon to toggle on mobile nav.
  • Added noopener and noreferrer to social links.
  • New Vietnamese translation added.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed menu disappears at 992px issue.
  • Fixed menu nav alignment in medium devices.
  • Fixed issue with logo and wp-rocket lazyload.
  • Fixed logo and menu alignment in BS4 layout.
  • Fixed scrollbar on BS4 with full-width layout.
  • Fixed mobile nav issue when using BS4 layout.
  • Fixed input slider field where number value should not below the minimum in customizer.
  • Update responsive text sizes ONLY if the original value is not the default.
  • Responsive Menu label is now configurable.
  • Add NAV and Schema markup to topbar navigation.
  • New options for Social Icons. Size, shape and color all configurable.
  • Responsive options added to all text/heading size options.
  • Removed dependency for Font Awesome 4.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for border default color throwing invalid CSS if transparent is default.
  • Fix button font size style set to auto which is invalid CSS.
  • Fixed Bootstrap 4 header/footer menu alignment.
  • Fixed button styles on Audio shortcode/module.
  • Fixed scrolling issue on mobiles with off canvas menu.
  • Changed the browser scroll history to manual to prevent issues with shrink header logo.
  • Fixed the position of top bar submenu on iOS mobile devices.
Hot Fix
  • Update Bootstrap to versions 3.4.1 and 4.3.1
  • Fixed menu items layout in the footer when using BS4 layout.
  • Fixed mobile nav in BS4 layout.
Hot Fix
  • Updated Less library to include fixes for PHP 7.2
  • Fixed responsive dropdown menus when minimal Bootstrap 4 is enabled.
Various Bootstrap 4 issues fixed:
  • Removed sourcemap url.
  • Fixed header coloumn sizes.
  • Fixed search icon alignment.
  • Fixed WooCommerce checkout inputs.
  • Fixed featured image alignment in archive and single.
  • Added clearfix mixin to Bootstrap build config.
Hot Fix
  • Updated Bootstrap3 to 3.4.0
  • Fixed Google italic fonts in Safari.
  • Added text and visibilty utility classes to minimal Bootstrap4.
  • Fixed horizontal scrollbar on mobile devices when using flyout push nav.
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