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Checkout for WooCommerce - CheckoutWC 4.0.2

Download Checkout for WooCommerce - CheckoutWC 4.0.2 from nulled fire. Checkout for WooC replaces checkout page with beautiful, responsive, and conversion optimized design
New Premium Feature:Order Review Step – Order Review Step adds a tab after the payment tab with a full summary of the order information and totals above the place order button. This should be especially helpful to German stores, and other stores located in jurisdictions that require full disclosure before order submission.
Enhanced Remove Coupon:Removing coupons now happens with an AJAX refresh instead of reloading the page.
New:Support for MyShipper
New:Support for Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots
New:Complete parity with WooCommerce core on checkout refreshes. We now fire updated_checkout on every refresh instead of selectively. Should iron out various glitches we have had with 3rd party add-ons.
New:Lithuanian translations.
New:Support for Shoptimizer
Enhanced:It’s now possible to use a filter and set a step amount for quantity adjustments.
Enhanced:You can now click on the entire row of payment methods and other accordions rather than clicking specifically on the text label.
Enhanced:Added various new filters. Documentation coming soon!
Enhanced:Added docblock documentation for all our actions and filters to make updating our documentation easier.
Enhanced:Refactored our compatibility class loader.
Fix: Fixes for Local Pickup Plus
Fix: Fixes for WooCommerce German Market
Fix: Fixes for OceanWP themes
Fix: Fixes for latest version of Avada theme
Fix: Updates to French translations
Fix: More robust parsing of error messages during checkout submit.
Fix: Fix bugs with WooCommerce Country Based Payments
Fix: Fix issues with WooCommerce Order Delivery Date
Fix: Fix stale selector issue with payment method state cache during updates.
Fix: Fix for Culqi payment gateway and other gateways that use the order pay receipt hook.
Fix: Fix for error messages that could not be properly hashed.
Fix: Fix for MyParcel styling
Fix: Fix review pane address references to pickup changes and not pull from stale session info.
Fix: Fix JS errors on order pay page.

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  • NulledFire.com is one of the most comprehensive repositories under the terms of GPL (GNU General Public License v3.0 Free as in Freedom) that provides premium Plugins, Themes and PHP Scripts for testing purposes.
    We promote WP codes to the users globally so that you can check it before buying from the original developer/designer.

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