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Conductor - Genesis Add-On 1.0.1

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Download Conductor - Genesis Add-On 1.0.1 from nulled fire. The Conductor Genesis Add-On adds Conductor support for Genesis and Genesis child themes.
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The Conductor Genesis Add-On adds Conductor support to Genesis and Genesis child themes.

Simply activate the add-on and Conductor support for Genesis is enabled. Head to your site to see the difference. No further actions are necessary.

This add-on introduces the Genesis Meta output element for Conductor Widgets. It will be available for all Conductor Widgets, but existing widgets may need to be saved again in order for the Genesis Meta output to appear on the front-end (see Troubleshooting).

Like the other output elements, you have the ability re-order and the ability to hide the Genesis Meta output if you do not require it for a Conductor Widget.


It is possible that some Genesis themes may not be 100% compatible with this add-on.

If you are not seeing Genesis Meta output on a Conductor Widget, please try saving the widget settings and refreshing.

*This add-on does not currently support our Display Pack Add-On displays.
Conductor - Genesis Add-On

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