Download Monitor - Amazon S3 2.3.1

Lets you link to files hosted on Amazon s3 so that you can serve secure, expiring download links.

Last Update:Mar 2, 2017      
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  1. 2.3.1

    * Tweak: Fixed an S3 secret bug that caused a signature missmatch.
  2. 2.2.0

    * Feature: Added 'US East (Ohio) - us-east-2' region
    * Feature: Added 'Canada (Central) - ca-central-1' region
    * Feature: Added 'Asia Pacific (Mumbai) - ap-south-1' region
    * Feature: Added 'Asia Pacific (Seoul) - ap-northeast-2' region
    * Feature: Added 'EU (London) - eu-west-2' region
    * Tweak: Renamed 'US Standard (N. Virginia)' to 'US East (N. Virginia)'
    * Tweak: Updated included Amazon S3 libraries.