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Easy Digital Downloads - Content Restriction 2.2.6

Content Restriction Allows you to restrict content from posts, pages, and custom post types to only those users who have purchased certain products.

Last Update:Sep 11, 2017      
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  1. Apanha
    Easy Digital Downloads - Content Restriction.png

    This add-on for Easy Digital Downloads allows you to easily restrict content on your site to only those users who have purchased your products. In just seconds, you can limit the content of any post, page, custom post type, and even bbPress forums and topics to confirmed buyers of any product. If a user has not purchased the required product, they will be unable to view restricted content and will be shown a message instead, telling them they must purchase the product.

    Once activated, all posts, pages, forums, topics, and other public custom post types will have a section added to the edit screen that allows you to select the product, or products, that the customer needs to have purchased in order to access the content.

    Along with restricting the entire content of posts or pages, you can also restrict partial content areas with the [edd_restrict] short code.

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