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Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme 4.7.5

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Download Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme 4.7.5 v4.7.5 from nulled fire. Enfold is a clean, super flexible and fully responsive WordPress Theme
Feature: New alignment options ALB element "Special Heading"
Feature: input field to add custom subject text for ALB contact form autoresponder email
Feature: Option for transition effect speed in ALB Easy Slider, Fullwidth Easy Slider, Fullscreen Slider
Feature: Added options for custom title and alt attribute in ALB image element
Feature: Select title font size added to ALB icon box element
Feature: Theme option Custom Font Display Behaviour (Performance -> Show advanced options)

fixed: accordion slider hides some slide item after closing the lightbox
fixed: small typo instgram
fixed: WC 4.0 bug grouped products and quantity button not working
fixed: Transparent logo missing alt and title attr when attachment URL instead ID
fixed: bbPress and custom footer page not showing correctly on some pages
fixed: CSS bug Accordion hidden below Special Heading in Color section
fixed: WP 5.4 Block editor breaks ALB layout in backend
fixed: removed wrong href in div in id="av-cookie-consent-badge"
fixed: removed wp_nonce check in reCaptcha V3 to avoid problems with caching plugins
fixed: block editor js warnings deprecated "core/editor"
fixed: bug switching ALB back to Classic Editor broken layout and js errors (WP 5.4 related ?)
fixed: CSS problem with equal height after individual height columns forming a grid
fixed: WP 5.4 block editor using ALB - scroll bug dragging ALB elements
fixed: added a check that $posts is an array in helper-assets.php - caused by 3rd party plugins
fixed: shifted values in color picker (theme options page)
fixed: type errors in message text
fixed: Plugin conflict calling filter display_post_states incorrectly
fixed: CSS transparent header padding top for custom footer page
fixed: ALB columns options not saving after element has been resized
fixed: animation not triggering when element inside directly called tab

added: filter avf_transparency_logo_data: modify transparency logo url, title, alt attributes
added: filter avf_before_save_options_page_array: modify theme options array before save to DB
added: filter ava_after_layout_builder_button: add buttons after ALB switch button
added: class post-format-{$post_format} to article in postslider.php
added: filter avf_attachment_copyright_text - allows to filter copyright text in ALB image element
added: filter avf_page_as_footer_extra_classes - add classes for styling "page as footer"

tweak: required in admin options array supports empty array
tweak: new option "Remove query string from static resources" in Performance->Show advanced options
tweak: Link settings moved to content tab for all ALB button elements
tweak: ensure function aviaFontManagementBase::get_font_list returns an array

updated: bundled LayerSlider plugin to v6.11.1
IMPORTANT: LayerSlider changed internal directory structure - on manual update please delete folder ...\themes\enfold\config-layerslider

updated: Italian language files
updated: Dutch language files
added: Greek language files
tweak: All language files have been synchronised - obsolete strings removed - enfold.pot is template file for "Loco Translate" plugin
fixed: catalog CSS not enqueued with ALB WC product elements
fixed: ADA compliance aria-hidden, aria-label for MOBILE Hamburger menu
fixed: ALB seperator whitespace with icon: limit width to 45% container width for each ruler
fixed: small typo tempalte
fixed: CSS bug icon grid with display tooltip and mobile
fixed: CSS - ALB Gridrow - 1 column with link column not fullwidth
fixed: CSS indent bug in nested sidebar menus (left/right sidebar, widget menus)
fixed: Fullwidth Easy Slider issue where auto rotate stops working in Safari after a video slide

feature: Add custom ID and CSS class to timeline milestones
feature: Integrate Smash Balloon Instagram Feed plugin (free and pro version)
Feature: ALB magazine element supports post-format link

tweak: Option to disable adding timestamp to compressed css and js files
tweak: Advanced Styling selectors more strict to override standard selectors from stylesheets and custom css
tweak: ajax search support for WC option "Hide out of stock items from the catalog"
tweak: use get_title instead of inconsistent use of direct access to post_title in various places

added: title attribute to postslider link in ALB element

added: filter avf_postslider_link_title_attr: modify title attribute for link in ALB postslider
added: filter avf_show_option_toggles_advanced: Adds an extra select option to hide section headers in ALB
added: filter avf_ajax_search_woocommerce_params: allows to change displaying products out_of_stock, featured and hidden
added: filter avf_legacy_suppress_wp_filter_post_title: allows a fallback for unfiltered post_title where direct access was used previously

removed: deprecated classes hentry and vcard (microformats.com)

updated: French language file - equal alb options translation, "Google" services translated as "Mailchimp"
updated: Dutch language files
updated: German language files
updated: German formal language files
updated: Italian language files

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