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FacetWP 3.4.0

Use FacetWP to add faceted search to your eCommerce sites, resource libraries, search pages and more.

Updated at NF:Aug 12, 2019 at 12:41 PM      
5/5, 6 ratings

  1. 3.4.0

    -facetwp_load_a11y hook to enable accessibility support
    -facetwp_woocommerce_support_categories_display hook to render facets on WooCommerce product category display pages (experimental)
    -Proximity - facetwp/geolocation/success and facetwp/geolocation/error JS hooks to get the status of geolocation requests
    -Layout Builder - better ACF support
    -FWP.reset() can now reset all facets, a single facet, or an array of facets
    -Admin - prevent loading image size "crop" values to prevent extra...
  2. 3.3.11

    fixed: filtering bug introduced in 3.3.10
  3. 3.3.9

    -reverted javascript createNodeIterator tweak from 3.3.8 (was breaking IE)
    -changed fSelect search input's type to "text" to disable the browser-specific "x" button
    -admin UI - drag-and-drop was occasionally placing items in the wrong spot
    -WooCommerce - a custom query was accidentally using a hard-coded table prefix
  4. 3.3.8

    -support ACF "page link" field type
    -use a custom query to significantly speed up indexing of WC products
    -admin UI - show the facet / template name on hover
    -autocomplete choices not appearing in the User Selections box
    -only show autocomplete choices relevant to the current result set
    -removed the fallback wp_doing_ajax function
    -removed the SEO pager
  5. 3.3.7

    autocomplete - ignore the current facet's selection
    layout builder - items can now be dragged across columns
    admin - better delete button placement
    prevent WooCommerce from redirecting to single result page when FacetWP is in use
    javascript libs (Sortable, fSelect, vue-multiselect, vuedraggable)
  6. 3.3.6

    -speed up WooCommerce integration by replacing slow array_merge calls
    -Layout builder - WooCommerce price fields can be formatted
    -admin UI - clear the "Source" column for search facets
  7. 3.3.5

    Fixed: error preventing templates from appearing in the admin UI
  8. 3.3.3

    -Layout builder - added "Clear" button to color picker fields
    -Search facets - prefix SearchWP engines with "swp_" to prevent conflicts with custom engines
    -autocomplete facets now work properly when using single quotes and percent signs
    -on pageload, ignore empty facet URL variables
    -minor translation tweaks
  9. 3.3.2

    FWP()->helper->get_facets_by() method
    facetwp_woocommerce_preserve_sort hook
    added post_id_idx table index for faster lookups
    removed the facet_source table column (more efficiency)
    quote CSS url() paths to fix rare IE issues
    reverted number auto-formatting from 3.3.1
    Layout builder - fail gracefully on invalid WC products
  10. 3.3.1

    Improve better Slider facet styling
    Improve auto-format slider / number range values
    Improve reduce the "Debug Mode" response payload by trimming the post IDs
    Improve better logic within FWP()->helper->load_settings()
    Improve set default loading animation to "fade"
    Improve ignore invalid facet types
    Improve switched to new logo
    Fix added nopaging var to prevent query offset issues
    Fix translate ACF "Yes" and "No" labels
    Updated Vue (2.6.6)
    Updated noUiSlider (13.1.0)