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FacetWP 3.3.3

Use FacetWP to add faceted search to your eCommerce sites, resource libraries, search pages and more.

Updated at NF:Mar 16, 2019      
5/5, 6 ratings

  1. 3.3.3

    -Layout builder - added "Clear" button to color picker fields
    -Search facets - prefix SearchWP engines with "swp_" to prevent conflicts with custom engines
    -autocomplete facets now work properly when using single quotes and percent signs
    -on pageload, ignore empty facet URL variables
    -minor translation tweaks
  2. 3.3.2

    FWP()->helper->get_facets_by() method
    facetwp_woocommerce_preserve_sort hook
    added post_id_idx table index for faster lookups
    removed the facet_source table column (more efficiency)
    quote CSS url() paths to fix rare IE issues
    reverted number auto-formatting from 3.3.1
    Layout builder - fail gracefully on invalid WC products
  3. 3.3.1

    Improve better Slider facet styling
    Improve auto-format slider / number range values
    Improve reduce the "Debug Mode" response payload by trimming the post IDs
    Improve better logic within FWP()->helper->load_settings()
    Improve set default loading animation to "fade"
    Improve ignore invalid facet types
    Improve switched to new logo
    Fix added nopaging var to prevent query offset issues
    Fix translate ACF "Yes" and "No" labels
    Updated Vue (2.6.6)
    Updated noUiSlider (13.1.0)
  4. 3.3.0

    Improve Layout builder - rearranged settings for easier access
    Improve Layout builder - better color picker
    Improve Layout builder - {{magic}} tags within HTML items are more lenient w/ spaces
    Improve Query builder - filter/sort dropdowns now use fSelect (searchable!)
    Improve better handling of custom queries using the no_found_rows var
    Improve search facets using SearchWP now support attachments
    Improve hide "_" prefixed ACF fields (since they only contain field references)
    Improve updated...
  5. 3.2.13

    Improve added depth classes (d0, d1, etc) to fSelect choices
    Improve only perform add-on update checks if FacetWP has an active license
    Improve ACF integration now uses the facetwp_indexer_row_data hook
    Improve added fs:eek:pened event to fSelects
    Fix custom translations can be added to wp-content/languages/plugins/fwp-front-[LANG].mo
    Fix issue with "Source other" not toggling other facet settings
    Fix Dutch translations
    Updated jQuery Minicolors
    Updated translation sources
  6. 3.2.12

    -Important renamed wp.hooks to FWP.hooks due to conflicts with WP 5.0
    -Important This is a breaking change. Please see the related blog post
  7. 3.2.9

    Important FacetWP now requires PHP 5.4 or above
    Improve Layout builder - make the "+ new item" box always visible (props @givewp)
    Improve added ARIA support for pager links (accessibility.js)
    Fix when no results, facets in "OR" mode should be empty
    Fix Layout builder - make sure date / number fields aren't empty
    Fix Layout builder - properly display WooCommerce fields
    Fix much cleaner WC product sort handling
    Fix issue when a Beaver Builder Post Grid module is below another module
  8. 3.2.8

    • Improve rebuilt the proximity autocomplete
    • Improve proximity facets include built-in throttling (fewer GMaps API calls)
    • Improve better handling of WooCommerce sorting (props @djrmom)
    • Improve better handling of code-based facets + templates
    • Improve fSelect search now supports accents
    • Updated noUiSlider 12.1.0
  9. 3.2.7

    • Improve Layout builder - dynamically list all image sizes
    • Improve Layout builder - attach title tags to all action buttons
    • Improve Indexer - ensure that posts referenced in ACF relationship fields actually exist
    • Updated translation files with source
  10. 3.2.6

    • Improve ability to see raw Query Builder arguments
    • Improve remove empty Query Builder arguments
    • Improve use DECIMAL for better Query Builder number comparison
    • Fix WooCommerce sort box wasn't sorting properly
    • Fix translate date range "from" and "to" text