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FacetWP 3.5.4

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Download FacetWP 3.5.4 v3.5.4 from nulled fire. Use FacetWP to add faceted search to your eCommerce sites, resource libraries, search pages and more.
- the facet "Count" setting now accepts -1
- added $context arg to the facetwp_facet_sources hook
- only capture FacetWP-related $_GET vars when preloading
- layout builder - issue with link tags inheriting the parent element's border styles
- the facetwp_temp table doesn't exist in rare cases
- typo preventing payment meta from being accessed correctly
- added upgrade routine to fix issue causing the URL prefix to switch unexpectedly from "fwp_" to "_" on older installs
- added IF EXISTS to DROP TABLE clause to prevent MySQL warnings
- sample.json (for clean installs)
rebuilt the plugin updater. It's now *significantly* faster, and only requires one request to fetch *all* update data (regardless of how many add-ons are installed!)
removed the GitHub dependency for add-on updates
add-on changelogs now appear in the "Plugin Info" modal
changed default URL prefix from "fwp_" to "_"
only run check_ajax_referer when necessary (fixes WooCommerce issues)

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