GD bbPress Toolbox PRO 6.4.4

Download GD bbPress Toolbox PRO 6.4.4 from nulled fire. GD bbPress Toolbox Pro is a feature-packed plugin for expanding bbPress powered forums.

Download GD bbPress Toolbox PRO 6.4.4 from nulled fire

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro is a feature-packed plugin for expanding bbPress powered forums.
Expand bbPress 2.0 plugin powered forums with attachments upload, BBCodes support, signatures, widgets, quotes, toolbar menu, enhanced widgets...

Attachments upload for topics and replies, limit number of files, size and types users can upload at once with enhanced validation before upload. Embed list of attachments with different styling or show images thumbnails. Plugin tracks all upload errors. Panels with attachments and errors.

Support for phpBB based BBCodes that includes some new ones to a total of more than 40 codes. Includes special spoiler and hide content codes. Enhanced BBCodes for videos, images, links and more with control who can use such BBcodes. Includes easy to use toolbar for content and signatures.

Canned Replies
Create a list of canned / predefined replies to be used when replying to any topic or reply in the forums. Canned replies can be used by moderators and keymasters and you can use categories to better organize replies. They support use of BBCodes and you can insert more than one canned reply into a reply.

Say Thanks
Users get the ability to say thanks to topic (or reply) authors (and optionally remove thanks later). Plugin can display a list of thanks given after the topic or reply content, and you can customize the templates used to adjust the way list is displayed. List can include the avatar for each user.

Additional Widgets
Plugin adds many widgets to either replace default bbPress widgets or add some very useful features: more powerful new posts widget, author widget, current topic information, views list and more.

SEO Tools
Set of tools aiming to improve SEO for the forums. Some tools will help you solve issues that some specialized SEO plugins might have. Plugin also adds support for Google Rich Snippet for breadcrumbs.

Plugin allows you to control which user roles can have signatures, maximal length for the signature. Enhanced settings are used to determine if users can use HTML and/or BBCodes to create signatures.

To improve discussion in the topic/reply thread, it is useful to quote parts of the previous responses as a reference. GD bbPress Toolbox allows you to add Quote button to each topic and reply for that purpose.

Extra Views
Plugin adds many new topic views to bbPress. Views are filters for topics, and each view implements different criteria for getting topics including current user specific. Views can be added to the WordPress Menus.

Privacy & Locking
Plugin has very important features for settings topics and replies as private using simple checkbox so that only author, administrator and moderator can read them. You can also temporarily lock forums.

Plugin contains great many tweaks and small tools to improve the forums with different integration settings, WordPress Toolbar menu, displaying user stats in topics, visual improvements to forums and more.

Custom Notifications
You can change the notification message that is used to inform users about replies. You have options to change email sender for these emails and use template tags to fill in the topic and reply specific data.

Editor Replacements
Plugin allows to replace default plain text editor bbPress uses. With this plugin you can use rich text TinyMCE editor from WordPress or plugins own simple BBCode Toolbar. There are many options for both.

Much More...
Plugin has many more useful features, and you can explore them further:
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GD bbPress Toolbox PRO

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