Give - GoCardless Gateway 1.3.4

* Fix: The donation description that appears in GoCardless has been updated to make it more clear when a one time donation versus recurring donation is given.
* Fix: Resolved a PHP fatal error on the donation details screen preventing proper viewing of data. This was the result of the code reorganization in the previous version.
* New: Added useful setting to display available debit Schemes for the connected GoCardless account.
* Fix: Ensure completed GoCardless donations are not incorrectly marked as pending.
* Fix: Added additional currency symbols for all supported GoCardless currencies.
* Fix: Resolved conflict with webhooks when Give - Mollie and Give - GoCardless are activated at the same time.
* Fix: Ensure users don't have a duplicate pending donations when a donor gives.
* New: Added support for new recurring options found in Recurring Donations 1.6+ - please update recurring if you're using it alongside GoCardless!
* Fix: Incorrect link to GoCardless webhook secret page.
* Fix: Validate "day" billing period for GoCardless - this gateway does not support daily recurring donations so we've built in validation to prevent admins from setting daily recurring donations.
* Fix: PHP warning causing AJAX issues with certain servers and versions of GiveWP.
* Fix: Recurring subscriptions would not display the proper subscription text within the GoCardless page. This has been resolved so now all forms of recurring now display properly at the GoCardless checkout page.
* Tweak: Refactored plugin structure to be more inline with other gateways.
* Tweak: Constants are now obeyed within the plugin.
* Fix: There were several PHP notices when creating a subscription donation.
* Fix: Plugin did not deactivate properly when Give is not active.
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