MPROVED Grid Layout CSS output – now all Grids with the same Grid Layout are have only one <style> block. This improves loading speed of pages with many Grids
FIXED appearance of Text element in header, because "Allow move content to the next line" setting didn't work
FIXED issue when "background-position" and "background-size" in Design options are override in Columns
FIXED issue when "padding-left" and "padding-right" in Design options are override in Fullwidth Row
FIXED extra padding in Vertical Tabs located in Fullwidth Row
FIXED rare issue with Page Block with sidebars in Menu
FIXED incorrect work of Demo Import in some cases
FIXED bug with Page Scroller in Internet Explorer 11
  • ADDED White Label – now it's possible to rename "Impreza" label and change theme image and menu icon. Those options are available with activated Impreza license only.
  • ADDED Cookie Notice – now it's possible to show simple notice about Cookie Policy to site visitors
  • ADDED ability to rename "Portfolio" labels on admin pages
  • IMPROVED Content templates – now that options has separate own posts named Content templates instead of Page Blocks. This improves user experience. All Page Blocks used in "Content template" options will automatically moved into "Content templates" admin page after update.
  • IMPROVED Post Image for Grid with Products – now it's possible to show simple slider, which shows product gallery images on hover. Check the example
  • FIXED bug when "magnific-popup.js" file is loaded on pages with Grid even with disabled "Overriding link" option
  • FIXED bug when gradient color is not shown for Headings inside Rows with Alternate content colors
  • FIXED bug when images in Post Navigation element are not appear with enabled "Lazy Load" option
  • FIXED work of removing "http/https" in the paths to files on Theme Options > Advanced
  • FIXED bug when Grid with On-sale products shows all products, if no On-sale products
  • FIXED bug when images inside Popup are not appear with enabled "Lazy Load" option
  • FIXED bug when background image is not shown in FlipBox, if site has non-latin URL
  • FIXED incorrect appearance of Interactive Text, when Headings color set as gradient
  • FIXED appearance of WooCommerce messages, like "added to cart" notification
  • FIXED appearance of Text Block element inside Fullwidth Row on small screens
  • FIXED incorrect position of smooth scrolling with enabled "Lazy Load" option
  • FIXED appearance of WooCommerce widgets with products lists
  • FIXED some minor issues while printing website pages
  • FIXED some minor bugs
ADDED Conference Landing demo
Headings – added ability to set gradient as text color.
IMPROVED Buttons Styles – added ability to set gradient as border color.
IMPROVED Button "Link" option – now it's possible to paste "onclick" JavaScript action. Also it's available for Image and Post Custom Field elements
IMPROVED Grid appearance – now Grid inside Fullwidth Row doesn't have hardcoded left and right indents, based on gap between Items. This increases flexibility.
IMPROVED Grid Layout elements – added options to set transform-origin for hover animation. This increases flexibility.
IMPROVED Row Video background – now it is also shown on small screens
FIXED bug when the update Impreza 5.3 or 5.6 with CodeLights plugin creates many identical buttons styles
FIXED incorrect appearance of quotes symbols in elements titles (added wptexturize)
FIXED bug when button style in Contact Form didn't change the button border width
FIXED bug with missing header on translated Shop pages via WPML
FIXED bug when sharing via WhatsApp didn't include post image
FIXED some minor bugs
FIXED issue when the site becomes unavailable after updating the theme to version 6.6, if WP_DEBUG is enabled
ADDED Interior Design Portfolio demo
Paste Section ability – now that the copied section has custom Grid Layout, it is also created on your site when pasting
IMPROVED Button Styles – added "Font size" and "Line height" options
Grid – added "Items Aspect Ratio" option, now it's possible to override aspect ratio of selected Grid Layout. So it's no need to create several Grid Layouts for different aspect ratios.
IMPROVED "Optimize JS and CSS size" option – added "Merge Google Fonts styles into single CSS file" option, which allows to improve pages loading speed
UPDATED languages files
FIXED incorrect appearance of Google fonts with different site languages, if the "Optimize JS and CSS size" option is enabled
FIXED incorrect work of "load more" pagination on WooCommerce shop page with specified content template
FIXED issue when image placeholder is shown on Row background, if the image wasn't set
FIXED bug when Text Block doesn't show Youtube video (and other embeds) on frontend
FIXED appearance of Accordion inside Tabs, when it used with specific Content template
FIXED bug when Post Content element disappears in WPBakery Role Manager settings
FIXED bug when Excerpt length was not working for taxonomy descriptions
FIXED work of "load more" pagination of Grid with ACF Gallery selected
FIXED bug when custom CSS in Footer didn't work on homepage
FIXED work of "Page Break" tag with custom Content templates
FIXED incorrect appearance of Grid images in EDGE
FIXED some minor bugs
ADDED Personal Blog demo
Beauty Shop demo
new Paste Section ability – now it's possible to copy any section on any demo site and paste it into your site. This allows to build your pages faster. Check how to do it
ADDED Images Placeholder option – now it's possible to show specific image globally for all cases when the image is absent
IMPROVED Demo Import – added ability to import Headers separately from any demo site
IMPROVED Uploaded Fonts option – added ability to enable Italic style for uploaded fonts
IMPROVED Button – added Link "None" value, which allows to show buttons without URL
IMPROVED Image – added "Size" and "Style" settings into header element
UPDATED Font Awesome PRO icons to version 5.10.2 – added new icons, see the changelog
UPDATED languages files
FIXED bug when enabled "Disable Visual Editor" option in User profile settings hides Header/Grid builders content
FIXED issue when Grid with "Items of the same taxonomy of current post" shows only posts with same type
FIXED bug when FlipBox back side is visible while front side has semi transparent background
FIXED bug when post with "Link" format doesn't take target attribute in Grid Layout elements
FIXED bug when Product custom attributes are not showing in the "Product data" element
FIXED bug in Grid when video post preview doesn't appear when categories are selected
FIXED backwards JS compatibility issue with some browsers (replaced "let" to "var")
FIXED bug in Grid when video post preview doesn't appear on Archives pages
FIXED bug when Post Content doesn't show description on Category pages
FIXED issue when Images with "Large" size are shown with incorrect width
FIXED bug when Tabs are collapsed into Accordion even on wide screens
FIXED bug when Row Shape Divider is overlapped by Revolution Slider
FIXED incorrect appearance of checkboxes in WooCommerce forms
FIXED bug when Search icon in header shows above Dropdown
FIXED issue with Person element paragraphs in description
FIXED incorrect Open Graph meta tags on product pages
FIXED some minor bugs
  • IMPROVED Button Styles:
    • added ability to duplicate any Button Style while editing
    • now, when some Button Style has been removed, all the elements that used it will show the "Default" button style instead of the weird rectangle
  • IMPROVED Button element – now it won't be shown on the frontend, if it doesn't have a link. This improves cases with links from custom fields
  • IMPROVED Page Blocks in Menu – now, when you add Page Block into Menu, its "Exclude Rows and Columns" optionis enabled by default
  • IMPROVED fallback icon font – added "Comments", "Tags", "Quote" icons, which are used in Grid Layout templates
  • UPDATED Grid Layout templates – changed the default Post Image size to 600x600 in several Blog and Gallery templates to improve their default appearance
  • UPDATED languages files
  • FIXED background color of dropdowns, now it has Content background color, this help to avoid appearance issues on dark backgrounds
  • FIXED bug when text in the default Visual Editor was displayed with incorrect font weights of Google Fonts, so you couldn't use "Bold"
  • FIXED Header Builder bug, when after applying some header template, the top and bottom areas are shown as disabled
  • FIXED Ripple Effect – now it doesn't apply to the "Image" elements to avoid strange cases with transparent PNG
  • FIXED compatibility issues with Slider Revolution 6+ versions
  • FIXED link of Logo Image for all Header templates
  • IMPROVED Ripple Effect – added to "Full Screen" Search, "Back to top" button, Post Prev/Next Navigation with "Sided" layout, Column with a link, Interactive Banner with link
  • IMPROVED Column – added "Sticky Column Top Position" option to better control the top indent of a sticky column during page scroll
  • IMPROVED Tabs:
  • UPDATED Person element – changed "G+" social icon to simple "G"
  • UPDATED languages files
  • FIXED bug when "Full Screen" Search in header lost its background if the Ripple Effect is enabled
  • FIXED issue when "Custom appearance in Grid" metabox didn't show in Gutenberg editor
  • FIXED bug when Slider Revolution as Row background overlaps the Row content
  • FIXED bug when CSS from the Design Options wasn't applied to Archives pages
  • FIXED incorrect output of Grid: Child terms of current taxonomy in some cases
  • FIXED case when frontend lost styles before "UpSolution Core" plugin update
  • FIXED case when some links with a hash (like "#some") may not work
  • FIXED issue when Post Custom Field didn't work for taxonomies
  • FIXED bug when Page Blocks in Menu had horizontal scroll
  • FIXED extra body white space in Internet Explorer 11
  • FIXED "Cannot declare class" PHP issue
UPDATED UpSolution Core plugin to version 6.1.2
FIXED incorrect appearance on WooCommerce pages due to double CSS styles, when "Optimize JS and CSS size" option is OFF
FIXED rare case when image in transparent header shows 2 images with WP Rocket plugin enabled
FIXED issue when "Raw HMTL" and "Raw JS" elements didn't appear in Maintenance Mode
FIXED bug when extra CSS class didn't work in Button element inside Grid Layouts
FIXED case when Image and Button header elements lose links after update to 6.1
FIXED issues on WooCommerce pages with RTL languages
FIXED incorrect appearance of Rows ID in backend editor
FIXED PHP notice when Revolution Slider plugin is active
IMPROVED Text Blocks appearance – added "Text Blocks bottom indent" option, which allows to set "margin-bottom" for all Text Blocks globally. This is useful to avoid usage of Separator between Text Block and the next element.
IMPROVED sidebars appearance – turned back "Sidebar Width" option (the content area width is calculated automatically)
FIXED inverted direction for "By Order values from Page Attributes box" option in Grid element
FIXED Lazy Load issue when background images of Revolution Slider are not shown
FIXED Lazy Load issue when transparent PNG images have gray background
FIXED cases when "Page Layout" options didn't work for some posts
FIXED bug when Grid filter didn't work on pages with Titlebar
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