iThemes Security Pro 4.8.6

iThemes Security Pro takes the guesswork out of WordPress security.

Last Update:Mar 7, 2018      
4.75/5, 4 ratings

  1. 4.8.6

    -Bug Fix: Fixed situation that could cause lockout notifications being sent for whitelisted IPs.
    -Bug Fix: Fixed issue where saving Global Settings would be blocked by an unwritable "Path to Log Files" path when the "Log Type" is set to "Database Only".
    -Bug Fix: Fixed issue that prevented log database entries from purging and log file entries from rotating on a schedule.
  2. 4.8.5

    -Security Fix: Fixed display of unescaped data on logs page.
    -Enhancement: The logging system now differentiates between WP-CLI commands, WP-Cron scheduled events, and normal page requests.
    -Bug Fix: Fixed the File Change scanner in that it previously could fail to exclude selected directories on some systems.
  3. 4.8.4

    -Enhancement: Cleaned up styling in settings to make some settings stand out better.
    -Minor: Use plugin build for cache busting assets.
    -Minor: Extract scheduling loop system to iThemes Security Core for future development.
    -Bug Fix: Fixed issue preventing the Two-Factor override from iThemes Sync from working as expected.
    -Bug Fix: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in Malware Scanner.
    -Bug Fix: Reordered loading of logging class to allow for logging earlier.
  4. 4.8.3

    -Bug Fix: Fixed issue that could cause login attempts to bypass recaptcha protection.

    -Bug Fix: Fixed "undefined offset" error when displaying specific migrated old log entries.
  5. 4.8.1

    -Bug Fix: Fixed schema issue with new logs table.

    -Enhancement: Updated logging system to keep track of more information and have more options to filter and sort log entries.
    -Enhancement: Improved efficiency of File Change Detection scanning.
    -Enhancement: Added malware scan support for scanning all sites in a Multisite Network.
    -Bug Fix: Fixed issue that could register loading the logging page as a failed login attempt on some sites.
  6. 4.7.4

    -New Feature: Online Files Comparison now supports plugins.
    -Enhancement: Add support for changing position of the Invisible Recaptcha badge.
    -Enhancement: Display user lockouts in Lockout Sidebar.
    -Tweak: Use the current site URL instead of the network URL when sending Two Factor Email codes.
    -Bug Fix: Fixed issue that could prevent Sync from loading Malware Scan results if a scan previously failed.
    -Bug Fix: Fixed method that could be used to discover hidden login slug on...
  7. 4.7.3

    Enhancement: Add 'site_title' as an available tag for the Two Factor email.
    -Bug Fix: Fix scheduling retries for Malware Scans on sites that don't fully support WordPress's cron system.
    -Bug Fix: Reactivating Away Mode now replaces the active file if you had previously removed it.
    -Bug Fix: Ensure lockouts take effect immediately, even on systems where changes to server configuration files do not take effect immediately.
    -Bug Fix: Warning on new installations when activating certain Version...
  8. 4.7.2

    -Bug Fix: Make Cron scheduler available in more circumstances.
    -Bug Fix: Events with the Twice Daily schedule would not be carried over when switching scheduler strategies.
    -Bug Fix: Backup schedules respect the interval chosen.
    -Bug Fix: Prevent multiple cron tests from being scheduled at once.
    -Bug Fix: Cron test being stuck in a loop preventing a site from switching back to the cron scheduler.
    -Bug Fix: Prevent warnings when a single and recurring event were scheduled at the same time....
  9. 4.7.1

    Bug Fix: Fixed issue where scheduled events could repeat on sites that do not properly support WordPress's cron system.
  10. 4.7.0

    - New Feature: Introduces a scheduling framework for handling events. Cron is now used by default, and will switch to using an alternate scheduling system if it detects an error. To disable this detection set ITSEC_DISABLE_CRON_TEST in your wp-config.php file.
    - Important: The ITSEC_FILE_CHECK_CRON and ITSEC_BACKUP_CRON constants have been deprecated. Use ITSEC_USE_CRON instead.
    - Bug Fix: Fix occasional duplicate backups and file scans.