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iThemes Security Pro 5.2.1

iThemes Security Pro takes the guesswork out of WordPress security.

Last Update:May 26, 2018 at 12:52 AM      
4.75/5, 4 ratings

  1. 5.2.1

    -Bug Fix: Fixed "Cannot modify header information - headers already sent" warning issue that could happen when using reCAPTCHA on sites that add customizations to the login page.
    -Bug Fix: Fixed an "Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function esc_like()" error that could occur when exporting or erasing personal data.
    -Bug Fix: Skip recovery if File Change storage is empty.
  2. 5.2.0

    -New Feature: Added support for the new WordPress privacy features.
    -Enhancement: Removed sending the remote_ip argument to Google's reCAPTCHA server as it reduces the amount of personal information that is sent.
    -Bug Fix: Changed the rules generated by the Filter Suspicious Query Strings feature in order to avoid blocking privacy export/erasure request confirmations.
  3. 5.1.4

    -Enhancement: The number of users listed in the User Security Check model is now limited to 20 by default. This can be modified by using the itsec_user_security_check_users_per_page filter.
    -Enhancement: Introduce Distributed Storage framework for reducing the amount of data stored in the WordPress options table. This should improve performance for large sites using File Change.
  4. 5.1.3

    Bug Fix: iThemes Licensing: Fixed fatal error that could occur when clicking the "View details" link for an available plugin update.
  5. 5.1.2

    -Tweak: Two-Factor Flow: Allow the user to proceed after downloading or copying the backup codes without dismissing the notice.
    -Tweak: File Change: Only scan a maximum of 10 plugins in a single chunk.
    -Tweak: File Change: Move "latest_changes" entry to a separate storage bucket to improve performance on large sites.
    -Bug Fix: Fix error on Multisite settings page when Two-Factor is not enabled.
    -Bug Fix: Properly enforce strong passwords when on the WP Login Reset Password page.
    -Bug Fix:...
  6. 5.1.1

    -Enhancement: Allow for customizing access to the Application Passwords feature. -Misc: Added comment to prevent Tide from marking the plugin as not compatible with PHP 5.3. -Tweak: Differentiate between "Enforced Two-Factor" and "Configured Two-Factor" in User Security Check. -Bug Fix: Improve clearing of previous File Change file hashes. -Bug Fix: Internal links to a filtered logs page. -Bug Fix: Prevent duplicate "user-logged-in" log items when logging-in with Two Factor. -Bug Fix:...
  7. 5.1.0

    -New Feature: Add Two-Factor On-Board flow.
    -Enhancement: Support disabling enforced Two-Factor the first time a user logs-in.
    -Enhancement: Introduced Login Interstitial framework to consolidate code between Password Requirements & Two Factor.
    -Bug Fix: Resolve warnings when upgrading file change settings.
    -Bug Fix: Allow read-only Application Passwords to make HEAD requests.
  8. 5.0.2

    -Tweak: Move Online Files hashes to a separate storage setting to improve performance on sites with large number of plugins or themes.
    -Tweak: Add description for File Change recovery related logs.
    -Tweak: Don't report removed files if the removal is caused by a new file extension being excluded.
    -Bug Fix: Improved detection of REST API requests on sites without a home dir.
    -Bug Fix: Improve File Change recovery system on high-traffic websites.
    -Bug Fix: Fix warnings on debug file change log...
  9. 5.0.1

    Big Fix: Fixed a fatal error condition that could occur on the Grade Report page when specific combinations of manual roles for Two-Factor Protection > User Type Protection were selected.
  10. 5.0.0

    -New Feature: Added Grade Report, a tool to identify security weaknesses on the site with options to fix the detected issues.
    -Bug Fix: Ensure all users with the `manage_options` capability are available when selecting contacts in the Notification Center.
    -Enhancement: Added minimal API for adding additional entries to the Security admin menu.