iThemes Security Pro 4.5.1

iThemes Security Pro takes the guesswork out of WordPress security.

Last Update:Sep 20, 2017      
4.75/5, 4 ratings

  1. 4.5.1

    Bug Fix: Fixed SQL query bug that resulted in the "Minutes to Remember Bad Login (check period)" setting being ignored.
    Bug Fix: Fixed bug that prevents wp-admin/install.php blocking from working properly on nginx servers.
    Bug Fix: Don't attempt to do an SSL redirect when WP CLI is running.
  2. 4.5.0

    New Feature: Introduces Magic Links module. Users can now request a magic login link when logging in during a brute force attack on their username.
    New Feature: Added a new setting in WordPress Tweaks: "Login with Email Address or Username".
    Enhancement: Host email images from the plugin instead of relying on iThemes servers to help email clients marking messages as spam or blocking images.
    Bug Fix: Improved Recaptcha compatibility with WooCommerce.
    Bug Fix: Error when searching for modules...
  3. 4.4.1

    Bug Fix: Fixed logical error that prevented backups from executing.
    Bug Fix: Fixed issue that could cause database locks to flood the database.
  4. 4.4.0

    New Feature: Security Check now attempts to automatically determine the location of the remote IP in the $_SERVER variable in order to protect against IP spoofing.
    New Feature: Security Check now attempts to automatically determine if the site supports https connections. If support is found, it asks the user if they wish to redirect http requests to https.
    Enhancement: Changed Two Factor login confirmation code emails to avoid spam filters.
  5. 4.3.0

    Enhancement: Periodically retry malware scans when there is a temporary error with the scanning service before alerting users of the issue.
    Enhancement: Improved compatibility for Recaptcha on the front-end on slower to load websites.
    Removed Old Feature: Removed the "Replace jQuery With a Safe Version" feature as its use (protecting against a specific jQuery bug: #9521 (XSS with $(location.hash) and $(#<tag>) is needed?) – jQuery - Bug...
  6. 4.2.0

    New Feature: Added support for email notifications when automatic updates are installed.
    Enhancement: Multisite Support for Settings Exports
    Enhancement: Added warnings to the Version Management settings page if the system or site configuration could prevent automatic updates from working as expected.
    Enhancement: Added support for validating the Recaptcha hostname by using the 'itsec_recaptcha_validate_host' filter.
    Enhancement: Refresh module settings after an import has been completed....
  7. 4.1.1

    4.1.0 - 2017-07-05
    Important: The way that Hide Backend functions changes in this release. Previously, if your Hide Backend Login Slug was wplogin, going to would result in the URL remaining The new implementation of this feature results in a redirect to a URL that looks as follows: While this may not be desireable for some users, this change was necessary to fix longstanding compatibility issues...
  8. 4.0.0

    Bug Fix: Fixed an infinite loop that could occur when expiring a cookie and Hide Backend is enabled.
    Bug Fix: Fixed compatibility issue with the Jetpack plugin when Hide Backend is enabled which could prevent Jetpack from redirecting users to the login page.
    Bug Fix: Fixed issue where access to wp-admin/admin-post.php when Hide Backend is enabled.
    Enhancement: Centralized shared code used by Password Expiration, Two-Factor Authentication, and User Security Check.
  9. 3.9.0

    New Feature: Added support for iThemes Sync to import and export settings.
  10. 3.8.0

    New Feature: Added support for iThemes Sync to run the Security Check feature from inside the Sync service.
    Bug Fix: Fixed the ability to manually enter a page number to navigate to on the Security > Logs page.
    Bug Fix: Fixed source of warning that could appear when creating a backup while running a PHP version less than 5.4.
    Bug Fix: Fixed source of notice that could appear when reseting a user's password when the Strong Passwords Enforcement feature is enabled.
    Bug Fix: Fixed bugs that...