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JetBlog - Blogging Package for Elementor Page Builder 2.1.19

JetBlog is a powerful plugin allowing to enrich the website pages with stylish content widgets.

Updated at NF:Jul 12, 2019 at 10:40 AM      
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  1. 2.1.19

    * Added: need helps links
    * Added: Editor Load Level Option
  2. 2.1.18

    * Fixed: minor CSS issue in the Text Ticker widget
  3. 2.1.17

    * Added: `Post Type` control in the Text Ticker widget
    * Added: `Post Title Max Length` and `Multiline Typing` controls in the Text Ticker widget
    * Added: the ability to display videos from YouTube channel or playlist in the Video Playlist widget
    * Added: `Alignment` responsive control for custom fields in Smart Posts Tiles and Smart Posts Listing widgets
  4. 2.1.16

    * Added: New layout for Smart Post Listing widget
    * Fixed: vertical content alignment in the Smart Tiles widget
  5. 2.1.15

    * Fixed: WCAG compatibility in the Smart Posts Tiles Widget
  6. 2.1.14

    * Added: `Available Widgets` option in the JetBlog Settings Page
    * Added: better RTL compatibility in widgets
    * Update: minify assets
  7. 2.1.13

    * Added: `Custom Thumbnail` control in the Video Playlist Widget
    * Added: the ability using dynamic tags in the Video Playlist Widget
    * Update: replace `home_url` with `site_url` in framework loader
  8. 2.1.12

    * Added: filter hook 'cx_include_module_url' in the `CX_Loader` class
  9. 2.1.11

    * Added: the ability displaying CPT terms in the Smart Posts List Widget and the Smart Posts Tiles Widget
    * Update: framework to CX
    * Fixed: smart tiles layout in IE
  10. 2.1.10

    * FIX: Taxonomy Tiles on mobile layout
    * FIX: via placeholder url