MailWizz - Email Marketing Application 1.8.6

[CHG] - Because of dependencies, mailgun delivery server type now requires php >= 7.0
[BUG] - Fix an issue in AppInitHelper::simpleCurlPost() which broke html encoding
[ADD] - Added 'campaign_get_status_with_stats' filter hook
[ADD] - Added 'servers_imap_connection_string_search_replace_params' filter hook
[BUG] - Fix an issue where REMOTE_CONTENT tag was not parsed in the campaign headers/footers
[ADD] - Added ability for bounce / fbl and email box monitors to look in more than one email box
[ADD] - Added INBOX / JUNK / SPAM as the default email boxes to search in for bounce / fbl / email box monitors
[ADD] - Added '' app param to easily control default email boxes for bounce / fbl / email box monitors
[BUG] - Fixed an issue where the [DATE] and [DATETIME] tags for campaigns did not parse in the correct timezone
[MSC] - Small fixes overall
[BUG] - Fix inability to copy surveys
[BUG] - Fix broken breadcrumbs for numeric labels
[BUG] - Fix "empty" values handling in custom fields submissions for lists
[ADD] - Added API ability to create subscribers in bulk
[ENH] - Add comments for proper default value format for date and datetime custom fields for lists
[ENH] - If uploading a file for campaign attachments fails, we'll add a notification with the failure reason
[ADD] - Added email field type for email lists custom fields
[ADD] - Added url field type for email lists custom fields
[ADD] - Added phone number field type for email lists custom fields
[ADD] - Added rating field type for email lists custom fields
[ADD] - Added basic survey functionality
[BUG] - Fix open basedir error for CommonHelper::findPhpCliPath
[ADD] - Added PHP version warning. It's time to move on from php 5.x
[ADD] - Added frontend page where subscribers can unsubscribe from all of the lists of a certain customer
[CHG] - 2FA uses local uri instead of the initial google uri
[ADD] - Added new option for RSS/JSON: send-only-unique-items
[MSC] - Small fixes overall
[MSC] - Small fixes overall
[BUG] - Fix case sensitive in years range field type
[IMP] - Trim the search term in search extension
[ADD] - Added a new list field type: Years Range
[ADD] - Recaptcha extension can now be disabled per list basis
[ADD] - Added search extension to search entire application in backend and customer area
[MSC] - Small fixes overall
--- Version 1.6.9 - 2018-12-14
--- -------------------------------------------
[BUG] - Fix hidden space character that could break twig
[BUG] - Error while saving transactional email logs because of missing FK value

--- -------------------------------------------
--- Version 1.6.8 - 2018-12-12
--- -------------------------------------------
[BUG] - Fix preheader issue with dollar signs
[ADD] - Added ability for AR to send only if certain campaign has been opened
[ADD] - Added ability for campaign to send webhook requests when a campaign is opened
[ADD] - Added ability for campaign to send webhook requests when a link in campaign is clicked
[ADD] - Added option to enable/disable campaign webhooks from Backend > Settings > Campaigns > Webhooks
[ADD] - Added confirmation window for all filter actions from All Subscribers area of lists
[ADD] - Added delivery server type
[ADD] - Added [SIGN_LT] / [SIGN_LTE] / [SIGN_GT] / [SIGN_GTE] tags for < / <= / > / >=
[ADD] - Added NumberHelper class with pullUniqueFromRange to pull totally unique numbers from a range till the range ends
[ADD] - Added ability to upload more than one file per list for list queued import
[MSC] - Small fixes overall
[BUG] - 2FA requires PHP >= 7.0 because of dependencies
[MSC] - Small fixes overall
[ADD] - Added static testing ability for bounce handler
[UPD] - Updated ElFinder
[ADD] - Added 2FA for backend / customer area
[ENH] - Better sending of transactional emails with proper retry priority
[ADD] - Added ability to select which delivery stats to export
[ADD] - Added postal as smtp server type
[IMP] - Improved subscribers cache counting
[MSC] - Small fixes overall
--- Version 1.6.5 - 2018-10-30
--- -------------------------------------------
[MSC] - Small fixes overall

--- -------------------------------------------
--- Version 1.6.4 - 2018-10-29
--- -------------------------------------------
[ADD] - Added phone number to customers
[BUG] - Fix page size in list page types
[ENH] - List export now produces one single file and no more zip archive needed
[ENH] - Segment export now produces one single file and no more zip archive needed
[ENH] - List forms: subscribe / unsubscribe will now have .3 opacity while submitted to give the user a better sense of the form being sent
[BUG] - Fix a bug where at upload certain files could be interpreted as images when they were not
[ENH] - Remove csv/txt files after list import from browser
[ADD] - Added campaign_model_count_subscribers_criteria filter hook
[ADD] - Added campaign_model_find_subscribers_criteria filter hook
[ADD] - Added campaign opens info widget inside campaign overview, based on user agent info
[ADD] - Added ability to search for delivery server in campaign delivery logs
[ADD] - Added Sent / Delivered stats in the grid view for campaigns
[ADD] - Added a new AR event, AFTER-CAMPAIGN-SENT which triggers after a certain campaign has been sent
[ADD] - Added cache for Lists::getConfirmedSubscribersCount and Lists::getSubscribersCount with hourly adjustment from cron job
[ADD] - Added ability to delete subscribers from the update subscriber screen
[ADD] - Added grid filters in backend / customer in "Lists > All subscribers" area
[ADD] - REMOTE_CONTENT url attribute now accepts tags by it's own too
[ADD] - Added ability to test the regexes from the Backend > Settings > Email Blacklist
[IMP] - Improved campaigns loading time in grid view
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