PowerPack Elements

* Fix: Breadcrumbs CSS issue
* New: Added FAQ widget
* Enhancement: Added help document links to widgets
* Enhancement: Rearranged display conditions options
* Fix: Woo Product Grid - Add-to-Cart button AJAX issue in skin 2, 3, 4, and 5
Added: Empty cart message style options in Woo Mini Cart widget
Fixed: Responsive alignment issues in Woo Mini Cart widget
Added: Distance option for tooltip in One Page Nav widget
Fixed: Minor CSS issue in top/bottom position in One Page Nav widget
Added: Link option for hotspots in Hotspots widget
Enhancement: Updated icon controls in all widgets
Added: Trigger icon and trigger image alignment options in Popup Box widget
Fixed: Amount was not auto updating when a new product was added to cart in Offcanvas Cart and Mini Cart widgets
Added: Option to add icon text in Icon List widget
Added: Image size option in Table widget
Added: Link option in Table widget
Added: Text vertical align option in Table widget
Fixed: 1 column layout issue in Woo Checkout widget
Added: Icon spacing option in Instagram Feed widget
Added: Image width option in Logo Grid widget
Added: Typography option for date in Timeline widget
Fixed: Toggle button typography option was not showing in Offcanvas Content widget
Added: Image size option in Woo Products widget
Fixed: Typography option was not showing for full screen and off canvas menu type in Advanced Menu widget
Enhancement: Moved typography options to separate section in Advanced Menu widget
Added: Border widget option in Woo Products widget
New: Devices widget
New: Review Box widget
New: Fancy Heading widget
Fixed: Woo checkout widget was not working properly on non-checkout pages
Fixed: Dropdown menu icon issue in Advanced Menu widget
New: Mini Cart widget
New: Off Canvas Cart widget
Added: Icon option for load more button in Posts widget
Fixed: Font size option was not working for load more button in Posts widget
Fixed: Image link was not working in portfolio skin in Posts widget
Added: Filters spacing option in Posts widget
Update: Removed direction option and added right direction by default for RTL languages in all slider widgets
Added: Scrollable option in Table widget
Added: Option to turn off responsiveness in Table widget
Added: Starting Number option in Counter widget
Fixed: Price with value zero was not showing in Price Table widget
Added: button position option in Price Table widget
Added: Bottom position option for preview in Showcase widget
Added: Centre mode option for scrollable navigation in Showcase widget
Fixed: 2 column layout in Woo Checkout widget
New: Posts widget
Added: 2 new layouts for Counter widget
Added: Direction option for horizontal layout in Timeline widget
Fixed: PHP error in case of content type image in Toggle widget
Fixed: Alignment of Load more button after load more action in case of heavy images in Image Gallery widget
Fixed: Add new item button was not working in Google Maps widget
Fixed: Card arrow was getting hidden beneath the box shadow of the card in Timeline widget
New: Woo Products widget
New: Woo Add to Cart widget
New: Woo Categories widget
New: Woo Cart widget
New: Woo Checkout widget
Added: Option to choose title HTML tag in content ticker widget
Fixed: Body overflow issue in Offcanvas Widget
New: Tabbed Gallery widget
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