PowerPack for Beaver Builder

PowerPack for Beaver Builder is a set of custom, creative, unique modules for Beaver Builder to speed up your web design and development process.

Last Update:Dec 1, 2017      
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    • z-index issue in Formidable Forms module
    • Field connection in Gallery module to work with multiple photos
  2. 2.1.2 | 1.6.1

    Bug Fixes
    • Font Size and Line Height were not working for responsive devices in Animated Headlines module.
    • PHP error in panel functions that was breaking BB 2.0 settings
    • Fix Hover Cards 2 images were resized after updating to 1.6.0
    • Added Image Maximum Width field in Hover Cards 2 module to adjust image size manually.
  3. 2.1 | 1.6.0

    * New: Animated Headlines module
    * Enhancement: Added alt tag for images in Testimonial module
    * Enhancement: Added responsive toggle for filters in Filterable Gallery module
    * Enhancement: Added Custom Icon option to icon dropdown field in Social Icons module
    * Enhancement: Added Custom Photo Size option in Image module
    * Enhancement: Added Hover Overlay Margin option in Image module
    * Enhancement: Added Minimum and Maximum height/width options in Hover Cards 2 module
    * Fix: Filterable...
  4. 2.0.3 |

    * Enhancement: Custom Labels will also work for placeholders in Contact Form module
    * Fix: Fatal error with Beaver Builder 2.0 on some servers
  5. 2.0.3 | 1.5.1

    Content Grid equal height issue in SafariSpacing issues in Icon / Number List module
    Caption was appearing twice in Filterable Gallery module
    Subscribe Form settings were not loading in Beaver Builder 2.0
  6. 2.0.2

    * New: WPML integration
  7. 2.0.1

    == 2.0.1 == Release date: November 3, 2017
    * Fix: Custom color fields in module settings
    * Fix: Removed Quick Preview option since it's no longer required in Beaver Builder 2.0
    * Fix: Removed Panel Search option since it's no longer required in Beaver Builder 2.0

    == 2.0 == Release date: November 2, 2017
    * Initial release
    * PowerPack 2.0 for Beaver Builder 2.0 is available only through “My Account” download area on the website. Automatic updates for PowerPack 1.x users will be available in...

    Added lightbox overlay color option in Photo Gallery module
    Bug Fixes
    Smart Button text color reversed in hover and visited state
    Modal Box scrolling issue in iOS Safari
    Mega menu cut off issue in Advanced Menu module

    • Fix PHP Notice in Photo Gallery module.
    • Lightbox issue in Filterable Gallery's Grid style.
  10. 1.4.0

    • Added Radio & Checkbox input styling options in Gravity Forms module
    • Added column classes in Contact Form 7 module
    • Added mega menu support in Advanced Menu module
    • Added field to change label for "All" in Filterable Gallery module
    • Added left/right direction for Half Overlay in Row settings
    • Added box as link...