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Premium Addons PRO for Elementor 1.5.7

Premium Addons PRO Plugin Includes 25+ premium widgets & addons for Elementor Page Builder.

Updated at NF:Jun 15, 2019 at 11:05 AM      
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  1. 1.5.7

    - Tweak: `Read More` button redirects to post instead of page in Facebook Feed widget.
    - Fixed: Carousel arrows styling only works on the editor page in Google/Facebook Reviews widget.
    - Tweak: Added `Theme` option for lightbox in Instagram widget.
    - Tweak: Added `Date Format` option in Facebook Reviews widget.
  2. 1.5.6

    - Tweak: Added `Fade Speed` option for Ken Burns section add-on.
    - Fixed: Posts` images don't appear in Facebook Feed widget.
  3. 1.5.5

    - Fixed: Reviews date doesn't appear with `Place Info` option disabled.
    - Fixed: Right templates shift to left by `1px` in Multi Scroll widget.
    - Fixed: Facebook Feed widget doesn't work with APIs v3.3.
  4. 1.5.4

    Tweak: Plugin core refactored to improve performance.
  5. 1.5.3

    - Fixed: Charts animation doesn't work when height option is set.
    - Fixed: `Tabs Background` overrides lists background for `Style 3` in Tabs widget.
  6. 1.5.2

    - Fixed: `Dynamic Content` doesn't work when `ACF Field` is selected in Table widget.
  7. 1.5.1

    - Tweak: `Tilt Mouse Interactivity` doesn't work on IE for Image Layers widget .
  8. 1.4.9

    - Tweak: Added `Outer Background Color` option for container in Preview Window widget.
    - Fixed: Magic Section content appears until page is loaded.
    - Fixed: Image Comparison broken on IE with Image Layers scroll effects enabled.
  9. 1.4.8

    - Tweak: `WPML Compatibility` for all widgets.
    - Fixed: License deactivation issues.
    - Fixed: Google reCaptcha doesn't work after v1.4.8
    - Fixed: Particles are stretched on small screens.
    - Fixed: Add-ons don't load with `MyListing` theme.
  10. 1.4.7

    - Tweak: Added `Stretch Image` option for background image in Image Hotspots widget.
    - Fixed: `UniversalTilt undefined` on IE browser with Image Layers widget.