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Premium Addons PRO for Elementor 1.4.4

Premium Addons PRO Plugin Includes 25+ premium widgets & addons for Elementor Page Builder.

Updated at NF:Mar 19, 2019 at 2:21 PM      
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  1. 1.4.4

    - Tweak: Added `Data Separator` optiuon for CSV files in Table widget.
    - Fixed: Layout issues on Microsoft IE browser.
    - Fixed: `Notice: Undefined index: premium_parallax_android_support` , `premium_parallax_ios_support` in Parallax add-on.
  2. 1.4.3

    - Tweak: Prevent adding inline styles/scripts for Section add-ons.
    - Tweak: Changed Particles Add-on `JSON` code area from `TEXTAREA` to `CODE`
    - Tweak: Ability to change `Live Search` and `Show Records` strings in Table widget.
    - Tweak: Wait images to load before triggering `Masonry` layout in Faceook Feed widget.
    - Fixed: Cells align right issue on Google Chrome in Table widget.
    - Fixed: Premium Divider issues with `Elementor Custom Positioning` option.
  3. 1.4.2

    - Tweak: Added `Show Records` option in Table widget.
    - Tweak: Added `Blur On Hover` effect in Table widget.
    - Tweak: Added `responsive controls` for Search field in Table widget.
    - Tweak: Added `Text Color` option for Search field in Table widget.
    - Tweak: Added `Settings` to plugin action links on `Plugins` page.
  4. 1.4.1

    - Tweak: Added `Left/Right Section Width` option to control width ratio in Multi Scroll widget.
    - Tweak: Added `Show Caption` option to show photo caption in Instagram widget.
    - Tweak: Added `CSS Filters` options group for hover state in Instagram widget.
  5. 1.4.0

    - Fixed: Premium Twitter Feed does not work.
  6. 1.3.9

    - Tweak: Premium Parallax background position, repeat and size inherit from Elementor responsive background options.
    - Tweak: Added responsive controls for `Arrow Size` option in Premium Facebook/Google Reviews widgets.
    - Tweak: Added `CSS Filters` option for images for trigger and preview images in Preview Image widget.
    - Tweak: Code refactor to enhance plugin performance speed.
  7. 1.3.8

    - Tweak: Added responsive controls for `Number of Columns` option in Premium Facebook/Google Review and Facebook/Twitter widgets.
    - Tweak: Added `CSS Filters` option for images in Premium Behance/Instagram Feed and iHover widgets.
  8. 1.3.7

    - Tweak: Added responsive controls for `Images per Row` option in Premium Instagram widget.
    - Tweak: Added `Widgets Badge` option to white labeling to change widgets` icons badge text.
    - Fixed: Enable Parallax on Android/iOS does not work for Parallax section add-on.
    - Fixed: Different images height when `Masonry` option is disabled in Premium Intagram widget.
  9. 1.3.6

    - Fixed: Warning: require_once(/premium-addons-pro-includes/deps/json.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory.
    - Fixed: Images order when `Masonry` option is disabled in Premium Instagram Feed widget.
  10. 1.3.5

    - Tweak: JS enhancements in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram elements to improve plugin performance.
    - Tweak: Added `Infinite` option for single image in Ken Burns add-on.
    - Fixed: Set Tabs content to Full Width issue.
    - Fixed: Posts overlapping when masonry option enabled in Premium Facebook Feed widget.