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Premium Addons PRO for Elementor 1.6.4

Premium Addons PRO Plugin Includes 25+ premium widgets & addons for Elementor Page Builder.

Updated at NF:Aug 14, 2019 at 6:03 PM      
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  1. 1.6.4

    - Fixed: `Reviews Word Length` option does not work for non-latin characters in all reviews widgets.
    - Fixed: `Notice: Undefined variable: tool_tips_image_url` in Preview Window widget.
    - Fixed: Facebook Feed doesn't work when logged out since v1.6.3
  2. 1.6.3

    - Fixed: `Border Color` option missing for `Style 3` in Tabs widget.
    - Fixed: Bottom positioned Magic Section appears after page load.
  3. 1.6.2

    - Tweak: Added `Facebook Login` Button to Premium Facebook Feed widget for easier feed pull.
    - Fixed: `Maximum Value` option added to Radar chat type in Charts widget.
    - Fixed: `Carousel Arrows Position` option shows when `Autoplay` option is enabled in Yelp Reviews widget.
    - Fixed: Loader spinner not showing on the preview page in Facebook/Twitter Feed.
  4. 1.6.1

    - Tweak: Added `RTL Mode` option for Facebook, Google and Yelp Reviews widgets.
    - Fixed: `Transition Speed` option not working for Ken Burns section add-on.
    - Fixed: Image Layers `Freehand` reposition not working if page contains Premium Carousel widget.
  5. 1.6.0

    - Tweak: Added `Review Length` option to Facebook Reviews widget.
    - Fixed: Images pixelated when size is increased in Facebook Reviews widget.
    - Fixed: Messenger Chat icon not showing on mobile devices.
    - Fixed: Cells alignment issue with multi-line text in Table widget.
    - Fixed: Blank line below Instagram images for some themes
  6. 1.5.9

    - New: Added Yelp Reviews widget.
    - Tweak: Added `Facebook Login` Button to Premium Facebook Reviews widget for easier reviews pull.
    - Tweak: Added `Review Length` option in Google Reviews widget.
    - Tweak: Added `Responsive Controls` for Premium Particles section add-on.
    - Tweak: Added `Table Layout` option in Premium Table widget.
    - Fixed: Divider and text in Premium Divider widget are not centered in some themes.
    - Fixed: `Button Size` in Unfold widget not applied on the front-end.
  7. 1.5.8

    - New: Added Image Accordion widget.
    - Fixed: Title/Icon are not horizontally centered in styles 3,4 in Tabs widget.
  8. 1.5.7

    - Tweak: `Read More` button redirects to post instead of page in Facebook Feed widget.
    - Fixed: Carousel arrows styling only works on the editor page in Google/Facebook Reviews widget.
    - Tweak: Added `Theme` option for lightbox in Instagram widget.
    - Tweak: Added `Date Format` option in Facebook Reviews widget.
  9. 1.5.6

    - Tweak: Added `Fade Speed` option for Ken Burns section add-on.
    - Fixed: Posts` images don't appear in Facebook Feed widget.
  10. 1.5.5

    - Fixed: Reviews date doesn't appear with `Place Info` option disabled.
    - Fixed: Right templates shift to left by `1px` in Multi Scroll widget.
    - Fixed: Facebook Feed widget doesn't work with APIs v3.3.