Schema Pro 1.4.1

# Improvement: Added new fields for product ItemReviewed type of review schema.
# Improvement: Added MPN field in product schema.
# Improvement: Added dependency to the SameAS field for Book ItemReviewed type in review schema.
# Improvement: Organization logo field in job posting schema.
# Fix: reviewBody and description fields are not working correctly in review schema.
# Fix: Post_type notice issue in the schema pro menu option.
  • New: Added ItemReviewed types in Review schema.
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  • Review schema given an error “Thing is not a known valid target type for the item reviewed the property.
# Improvement: Removed Aggregate rating markup from article and service schema according to the google requirement.
# New: `wp_schema_pro_comment_before_markup_enabled` Filter to remove comment before schema Markup.
# Improvement: Added site link on Schema Pro logo, updated labels and tooltip description.
# Improvement: Replace Google documents links with schema pro documents links in the plugin.
# Fix: Added Ingredients separately and video type for video fields in Recipe schema.
# New: Introducing White Label feature.
# New: Default image option in advanced settings.
# New: Contact point information control in configuration settings.
# Fix: Image URL issue with Service schema.
# Fix: Instructions steps issue with Recipe schema.
# New: Improved BreadcrumbList schema by providing control settings.
# New: `wp_schema_pro_link_to_specificpage` Filter to remove shop(archive page) item from product schema.
# New: Added Organisation types option in Configuration settings.
# Improvement: Added Version number with plugin title.
# Improvement: Added Logo guidelines in Configuration settings.
# Improvement: `bsf_target_rules_include_parent_taxanomy` Filter to allow subcategories to be select in Enable On option.
# Improvement: Replaced default Select string option to None.
# Improvement: Text updated of rule set buttons in target option.
# Improvement: Updated Select2 library.
# Fix: Updated default selection of schema type for Local business and Review schema.
# Improvement: Added Google recommended fields for product schema.
# Improvement: Added Reviewer type option in review schema.
# Improvement: Added new value for Gender option in Person Schema.
# Fix: Updated `wp_schema_pro_schema_recipe ` filter to `wp_schema_pro_schema_service` for service schema.
# Fix: Yoast SEO compatibility issue.
# Improvement: updated image-object case for the logo for organization schema.
# Improvement: updated enqueue method to load script and style file for rating in frontend.
# Improvement: Added Locksmith type option in the Local Business schema.
# Fix: Rating stars color fill issue on hover.
# Improvement: Added MedicalBusiness type option in the Local Business schema.
# Improvement: `wp_schema_pro_remove_product_offers` Filter to remove offers from product schema.
# Fix: A compatible issue of rating markup not changing instantly.
# Fix: Admin notice to start wizard not display for configuration.
# Fix: Notice issues on setup wizard.
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