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SearchWP - Term Highlight 2.1.14

Download SearchWP - Term Highlight 2.1.14 from nulled fire. Term Highlight will automatically scrub the content returned from searches and wrap search terms
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When active, Term Highlight will automatically scrub the content returned from searches and wrap search terms with a span, allowing you to highlight them in such a way that matches your site design well.

Term Highlight also includes a function allowing you to retrieve an excerpt from thepost_content that contains at least one of the search terms. See usage below.

Installation for this Extension is the same as all other Extensions. Download the zip file from your Account, upload and install as you would any other WordPress plugin. Term Highlight will show up in your Plugins list in the WordPress administration area, and you can activate it.

Once activated, Term Highlight will automatically highlight terms within The Loop for native WordPress searches. Highlights are applied by wrapping terms in <span class="searchwp-highlight" />, which you can target in your CSS.

Term Highlight will also automatically override calls to the_excerpt() by replacing that content with an excerpt that contains at least one search term. It will also highlight terms in this content. If you would like to disable or customize this functionality, please see the filters below.

You can take it one step further by utilizing Term Highlight to generate an excerpt from a number of potential sources (including Custom Fields) by automatically filtering calls tothe_excerpt() on search results pages
SearchWP - Term Highlight

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