SNIP - Structured Data Plugin for WordPress 2.14.22

Fix for breadcrumbs: make sure that the category with the highest number of parents are returned so that the breadcrumb trail is complete.
Fix PHP warning that may occur on some WooCommerce setups
Fix: remove thousands separator on WooComerce price field
Fix: make sure already overwritten values get their default values IF NOT overwritten
  • void confusion: Remove “getting started” tab on “welcome” screen as it has a link to the PRO version which is not yet out.
  • Updated some language translations
Fixed PHP error
  • Fix: overwriting did not work correctly if someone has multiple properties with the same name that are all marked as overridable and as list.
  • Fix an issue where some properties got a wrong value if there were multiple properties of the same name where one is marked as “list”.
Fix: duplicated overwritten snippet values did not show up
Fix: multiple overwritten properties did not appear when marked as “list”
Fixed issue where some form elements did not appear in the overwrite window
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