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The Events Calendar - Event Tickets Plus 4.12.2

Download The Events Calendar - Event Tickets Plus 4.12.2 from nulled fire. Event Tickets Plus Sell Tickets Using Your Favorite E-commerce Solution.
* Tweak - EDD quantity styling to match WooCommerce and RSVP forms [92551]
* Tweak - Only display admin links in Community Tickets if user is able to access the admin [79565]
* Fix - Add checkin status class to EDD to fix checkin button's showing as disabled [92247]
* Fix - Formats properly when displaying Unlimited capacity Tickets [92243]
* Fix - Prevents deleted shared event capacity to still factor in when no tickets are sharing capacity [91125]
* Fix - Updating capacity for the event all tickets gets Stock validation preventing Out of Stock message [93103]
* Tweak - Added filters: `tribe_events_tickets_edd_display_ecommerce_links`, `tribe_filter_attendee_order_link`
* Tweak - Removed filters: `tribe_events_tickets_woo_display_ecommerce_links`
* New - Fully redesigned ticket editor interface
* New - Ticket description is now optional for frontend display
* New - Introduced "shared capacity" to replace "global stock"
* New - Introduced "Sell up to" capacity field to replace "global stock with cap"
* New - Improved helper text and error messages
* New - Reorder tickets via drag and drop
* New - Updated time pickers for start and end sale
* New - Improved clarity around ticket availability
* New - Total Event Capacity display
* Add - a filter to change the default value for the option to show attendees on the event, 'tribe_tickets_plus_default_show_attendees_value' [80620]
* Fix - `Woocommerce->get_attendees()` and `EDD->get_attendees()` signatures now require the `$attendees_query` is a `WP_Query` to match the abstract method
* Tweak - Added filters: `tribe_events_tickets_module_name`, `tribe_tickets_get_default_module`, `tribe_events_tickets_woo_display_ecommerce_links`
* Tweak - Removed filters: `tribe_events_tickets_woo_display_sku`
* Tweak - Added actions: `tribe_events_tickets_metabox_edit_ajax_advanced`
* Tweak - Removed actions: `wootickets_after_`, `wootickets_after_save_ticket`
* Tweak - Changed views: `eddtickets/tickets`, `meta`, `wootickets/tickets`
* Tweak - Made unlimited capacity an explicit option
* Tweak - Changed ecommerce usage setting to per-event instead of per-ticket
* Tweak - Changed minimum supported version of WooCommerce to 3.0
* Tweak - Changed minimum supported version of WordPress to 4.5
* Language - 41 new strings added, 67 updated, 2 fuzzied, and 13 obsoleted

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