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The Events Calendar - Eventbrite Tickets 4.6.5

Download The Events Calendar - Eventbrite Tickets 4.6.5 from nulled fire. This add-on plugin unites the power of The Events Calendar with the ticketing prowess of Eventbrite.com
* Fix - Fixed a bug where Eventbrite ticket forms failed to display even when the event status was "live" (with thanks and props to Nicholas on the forums for flagging this and highlighting a solution) [84019]
* New - New filter to specify in which Eventbrite API statuses an imported event's ticket form should never show: tribe_events_eventbrite_hide_iframe_statuses.
* New - New filter for customizing what Eventbrite API statuses are considered "Live" statuses: tribe_events_eventbrite_live_statuses.
* Tweak - Ensure that *all* available Eventbrite API statuses are usable for imported events, instead of just "Live" and "Draft".
* Tweak - Ensure that the full-sized featured image of an imported event is used, instead of a 450x200 version which the API defaults to.
* Tweak - Add a filter to disable the region not being synced with Eventbrite for venues outside of the U.S.
* Tweak - Add a message that recurring events are not supported in the Event Series metabox of Pro
* Tweak - Optimized message displayed when errors are returned from Eventbrite API (for clarity)
* Tweak - Do not include organizer permalink in description if organizer is imported from Eventbrite and when Pro is active
* Fix - Include organizer description on import from Eventbrite and sync description first with other attributes

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