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Thrive Themes - Rise 1.200.31

Thrive Themes - Rise

Last Update:Aug 10, 2017 at 9:57 PM      
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  1. 1.200.31

    • Conflict with AMP CTA plugin
    • Fix search-icon extension
    • RISE pagination issues
  2. 1.200.30

    Submenu items being displayed when resizing the window
    Fix “/” appearance on meta info and comments count
    Author box fix in Rise and Storied
  3. 1.200.29

    • Woocommerce shortcode render fix
    • Submenu items being displayed when resizing the window
    • Font size fix for grid view
    • Performag – Fix for Thrive Ad Widget only display a couple of Ad Groups
    • Overflow change on body which caused an drag and drop issue with learndash plugin
  4. 1.200.28

    • Fix for excerpt cloning
    • Fix for share count when link is https but wp returns http
  5. 1.200.27

    • Fix for Image optimization that will now keep the metadata
    • Fix for Apprentice Breadcrumbs on Ignition Theme
  6. 1.200.26

    • Fix for video info being removed when quick-editing Apprentice Lessons
    • Woocommerce 3.0 gallery fix
    • Fix for Masonry style layout showing CSS code in the excerpt
    • Performag – Fix for menu floating issue with social share buttons
    • Improvements for the scrollable area in the left menu
  7. 1.200.25

    • Fix for conflict between Minus and Eventon plugin
    • Performag – Fix for menu floating issue when there are no social sharing options at the top of the page
  8. 1.200.24

    • Fix for Apprentice lessons order
    • Add support for excerpt in Focusblog Apprentice
    • Apprentice Lessons/Pages integrated with Paid Membership Pro through Levels Meta Box
    • Fix for Apprentice Navigation Widget for Lessons on 3 levels
    • Apprentice lessons fix for back and next link
    • Responsive fix for thumbnail featured image on mobile
    • Fix for trying to get property of non-object
    • Fix for Blog Archive name
  9. 1.200.23

    • Conflict with subscribe to comments reloaded
    • Fixes for the full width / full height background images for page sections
    • Woocomerce compatibility fix
    • Menu display fix when on tablet display. (menu automatically opened)
  10. 1.200.22

    • Captcha plugin integration for comments
    • WooCommerce external/affiliate product styling
    • Fix for CustomGrid shortcode opening up Button options
    • Fix for disabled link in menu
    • Fix footer display for social links
    • Fix for Woocommerce page sidebar being displayed below content