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Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder 1.14.2

Ultimate Addons is a premium extension for Beaver Builder that adds 30+ modules, 100+ templates

Updated at NF:Jan 11, 2019 at 11:49 PM      
5/5, 5 ratings

  1. 1.14.2

    - Fixed: Info Box - Fixed Icon and Image alignment issue
    - Fixed: Advanced Separator - Fixed Text Content width issue
    - Fixed: Non Numeric value notice for line height in rare cases
    - Fixed: UABB settings Modules list not displaying in some cases
  2. 1.14.0

    - New: Added Typography field compatibility with Beaver Builder 2.2
    - New: Added Border field compatibility with Beaver Builder 2.2
    - New: Added Link field compatibility with Beaver Builder 2.2
    - Improvement: Added color connections to all color fields
    - Improvement: Added slider support to all unit fields
    - Improvement: Advanced Posts - Added Selection Order option under Sort By filter
    - Improvement: Added Docs Tab for knowledge base
    - Improvement: Deprecated Hide Border on Mobile settings...
  3. 1.13.2

    - Improvement: Content Toggle - Open a specific toggle content from URL
    - Improvement: Info Box - Added Hover color settings option
    - Improvement: Modal Popup - Deprecated "Disable Video Title" setting option for YouTube video
    - Improvement: Video - Deprecated "Player title and Actions" settings option for YouTube video
    - Improvement: Added nofollow link option to Info Table, Photo, Creative Link and Team modules
    - Fixed: Info Circle - CTA button link color not working
    - Fixed: Subscription...
  4. 1.13.1

    - Fixed: Table - Fixed Show Entries not rendering with default 'All' label
    - Fixed: Video Gallery - PHP 5.3 compatibility errors
  5. 1.13.0

    - New: Introduced Video Gallery
    - Improvement: Advanced Menu - Updated SVG for Hamburger Icon
    - Improvement: Contact Form - Added a new filter uabb_contact_form_error_message to update the error message for Terms and conditions
    - Improvement: Table - Added help link for troubleshooting CSV file upload errors
    - Improvement: Table - Deprecated responsive stack layout option and improved responsive design with scrollbar functionality
    - Improvement: Video - Added responsive settings option for...
  6. 1.12.0

    - New: Introduced Table
    - Improvement: Modal Popup - YouTube, Vimeo, iFrame optimization
    - Improvement: Video - Added field connections support for all relevant options
    - Fixed: Advanced Accordion - Resolved icon overlapping issue in preview with icon animation
    - Fixed: Advanced Menu - Resolved alignment issue with Responsive Navigation having none selected
    - Fixed: Heading - Fixed Title line height values showing px on medium device instead of em
    - Fixed: Video - Fixed Vimeo default icon...
  7. 1.11.0

    - New: Introduced Video
    - Improvement: Advanced Menu - Added Below Row option which will open the menu in full width as earlier in single column
    - Improvement: Dual Color Heading - Added link options for both the headings
    - Improvement: Image Carousel - Resolved jQuery warnings related to ready and load
    - Improvement: Replaced Text field with Beaver Builder's unit field
    - Improvement: Testimonials - Added new filter to change rating icon
    - Improvement: Added update notice if BB version is...
  8. 1.10.0

    - New: Introduced Woo - Products
    - New: Introduced Woo - Categories
    - New: Introduced Woo - Add to Cart
    - Fixed: Countdown - Resolved Invalid or Unexpected Token console error
  9. 1.9.0

    - New: Introduced Business Hours
    - Improvement: CF7 Styler - Added help field in Use Custom Style option on how to use this field
    - Improvement: CF7 Styler - Added Top and Bottom Margin options for Submit button
    - Improvement: Contact Form - Added Top and Bottom Margin options for Submit button
    - Improvement: Gravity Form Styler - Added Top and Bottom Margin options for Submit button
    - Improvement: Image Carousel - Added filters to add custom Photo size
    - Improvement: Subscription Form -...
  10. 1.8.3

    • Improvement: Advanced Posts – Added support for ACF Relationship fields
    • Improvement: Button Module – Updated Gradient style with two colors and direction field
    • Improvement: Flip Box – Added Image option for Flip Box front Image type
    • Improvement: Info Circle – Added overlay option to Background Image for Info Circle item
    • Improvement: Added multiple default skins for Google Maps JSON Styles
    • Fixed: Advanced Accordion – Icon Preview not...