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Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder 1.17.1

Ultimate Addons is a premium extension for Beaver Builder that adds 30+ modules, 100+ templates

Updated at NF:May 29, 2019      
5/5, 5 ratings

  1. 1.17.1

    - Fixed: Gravity Form Styler - Resolved Checkbox Background color issue when the Background color is set to RGB
    - Fixed: Particle Backgrounds - Resolved JavaScript error on IE browser
  2. 1.17.0

    - New: Introduced Column Particle Backgrounds
    - New: Introduced Row Particle Backgrounds
    - Improvement: Added Font Awesome-5 support to Carousel Layout of all modules
    - Improvement: Video - Added ALT tag for thumbnail
    - Improvement: Video - Added aspect ratio of 1:1
    - Fixed: Advanced Menu - Resolved Toggle menu label Typography issue
    - Fixed: Heading - Fixed Heading Font weight issue when <strong> tag used in heading content
    - Fixed: Modal Popup - Resolved Thumbnail issue for Vimeo video...
  3. 1.16.5

    - Improvement: Photo Gallery - Added Filterable Photo Gallery feature
    - Improvement: Image Carousel - Added nofollow settings option
    - Fixed: Advanced Tabs - Resolved Content Alignment issue
    - Fixed: iHover - Non Numeric value notice for Spacing in rare cases
  4. 1.16.4

    - Fixed: Hotspot - Resolved curved tooltip pointer style issue with the icon
    - Fixed: Hotspot - Resolved link not clickable issue with tour tooltip
  5. 1.16.3

    - Improvement: Added Font Awesome-5 support to all modules
  6. 1.16.2

    - Fixed: Hotspot - Resolved Action Link extending issue with the same row content
    - Fixed: Text translation issue on Dashboard and Frontend while your site is not in default English language
  7. 1.16.1

    - Improvement: Hotspot - Added Hotspot Tour feature
    - Improvement: Video - Added settings to enable Double Click over Custom Thumbnail on mobile view
    - Improvement: Video - Added a filter for Video URL to modify YouTube or Vimeo Query Strings
    - Improvement: Defined constant to disable the Branding settings permanently
    - Improvement: Optimized database calls while fetching Saved Modules, Saved Rows and Saved Templates
    - Fixed: Advanced Posts - Taxonomy Filter settings not working for Custom...
  8. 1.16.0

    - New: Introduced Marketing Button
    - Improvement: Fancy Text - Added p Tag support for Title
    - Improvement: Hotspot - Individual Marker name added to the module editor's initial form
    - Fixed: Advanced Posts - Fixed extra space around the comma separator for the tag
    - Fixed: Info Circle - Resolved Background Image overlay issue on mobile devices
  9. 1.15.1

    - Improvement: Video - Added sticky video feature
    - Fixed: Countdown - Resolved Border Width issue
  10. 1.15.0

    - New: Introduced Price List
    - Improvement: Dual Button - Added nofollow settings option
    - Improvement: Info Circle - Added nofollow settings option
    - Improvement: Slide Box - Added nofollow settings option
    - Improvement: Gravity Form Styler - Optimized database calls while fetching forms
    - Fixed: Advanced Posts - Fixed Taxonomy Filter settings not working correctly
    - Fixed: Advanced Posts - PHP 7.1 compatibility errors
    - Fixed: Advanced Tabs - Fixed Tab is not closing on the mobile devices...