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WP All Import Advanced Custom Fields Add-On 3.1.8

Import to fields created by Advanced Custom Fields.

Last Update:Sep 23, 2018 at 2:04 AM      
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  1. 3.1.8

    • improvement: render only visible ACF field groups on import template screen
    • improvement: added new field support - image_crop
    • bug fix: import Relationship field
    • bug fix: import taxonomy hierarchy inside Repeater
    • bug fix: ignore empty rows for Repeater in csv mode
    • bug fix: import checkbox using XPath
    • bug fix: import post object field with multiple selection
    • bug fix: import Repeater inside Repeater in csv mode
    • bug fix: ignore empty rows option
    • bug fix:...
  2. 3.1.7

    • bug fix: import nested repeaters in XML mode
    • bug fix: 'Ignore empty rows' doesn't ignore empty rows
    • bug fix: repeater sub fields not saved in ACF 4.x
    • bug fix: unable to set relationship fields when post type is not defined for related content
    • bug fix: unable to import taxonomy fields inside repeater fields
  3. 3.1.6

    improvement: added support for link field
    improvement: added support for Font Awesome Icon field
    improvement: added support for range field
    improvement: added support for button_group field
    improvement: render acf groups alphabetically
    bug fix: import post object filed based on acf post type settings
    bug fix: updating acf when update option disabled
    bug fix: added wp_all_import_images_uploads_dir filter
    bug fix: rendering ACF local fields
    bug fix: import relationship field based on custom...
  4. 3.1.5

    • bug fix: import post object field
    • bug fix: matching relationship posts
    • bug fix: using google maps api key
    • bug fix: import clone group field
    • bug fix: date time picker format
    • bug fix: import empty image field in repeater
  5. 3.1.4

    • improvement: performance optimization
    • improvement: added support for Vimeo field type
    • bug fix: search for existing files
    • bug fix: import images into File field
    • bug fix: import relationship inside repeater
  6. 3.1.3

    • improvement: added support for new ACF field 'Google Map Extended'
    • bug fix: import ACF repeater in fixed mode
    • bug fix: saving ACF taxonomy import template
    • bug fix: leave these ACF fields alone, update all other ACF fields
    • bug fix: import ACF to taxonomies
    • bug fix: saving ACF select field
  7. 3.1.2

    • improvement: compatibility with PHP 7.x
    • improvement: new field type 'time picker'
    • improvement: new delimiter option for relationship fields
    • bug fix: rendering repeater field inside flexible field in case when ACF configuration presented in functions.php file
    • bug fix: import 0 value for number field inside repeater