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WP All Import Pro 4.5.4

WP All Import Pro - The most powerful solution for importing XML and CSV files to WordPress.

Last Update:May 24, 2018 at 9:19 PM      
5/5, 2 ratings

  1. 4.5.4

    • bug fix: import using stream reader
    • bug fix: generation temporary files in system temporary folder
  2. 4.5.3

    • improvement: add support for Toolset Types
    • bug fix: trigger deleted_user action when import deleting a user
    • bug fix: add-ons api - searching for existing images in pmxi_images table
    • bug fix: php error on array push alias
  3. 4.5.2

    new feature: Automatic Scheduling - run imports on a schedule
    improvement: search for existing images based on remote image URL
    improvement: various backend improvements to image imports
    improvement: various import speed optimizations
    bug fix: remove deprecated function calls for PHP 7.2 compatibility
    bug fix: delete db tables when mu blog deleted
    bug fix: remove BOM from import templates
    bug fix: saving CSV delimiter when changing import file
  4. 4.5.1

    improvement: import images from dropbox
    improvement: skips import process to the first specific record
    improvement: added new filter wp_all_import_is_render_whole_xml_tree
    improvement: added wp_all_import_images_uploads_dir filter into add-ons api
    bug fix: conflict with InfiniteWP
    bug fix: oddity update notification for Link cloaking add-on
    bug fix: load functions before pmxi_before_xml_import
    bug fix: do not re-count category terms when post imported as draft
    bug fix: import base64 encoded...
  5. 4.5.0

    improvement: Make the WooCo Short Description expandable
    improvement: show notice when function editor is not saved
    improvement: added timestamp to import log lines
    improvement: added support for bmp images
    improvement: added new action pmxi_before_post_import_{$addon}
    security fix: patch XSS exploit
    bug fix: import pages hierarchy
    bug fix: error in pclzip.lib.php with php 7.1
    bug fix: import taxonomies hierarchy
    bug fix: json to xml convertation
    bug fix: import password protected feeds with...
  6. 4.4.9

  7. 4.4.8

    Unknown changelog
  8. 4.4.7

    Unknown changelog
  9. 4.4.6

    Unknown changelog
  10. 4.4.5

    Unknown changelog