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WP All Import WooCommerce Add-On 2.4.0

WP All Import WooCommerce Add-On Import products to WooCommerce.

Last Update:May 10, 2018      
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  1. 2.4.0

    • bug fix: stock status not importing properly when _backorders custom field is not set
    • bug fix: product dimensions won't import if 'Virtual' field is not set
    • bug fix: compatibility fix WooCommerce 2.6.x
    • bug fix: options conflict when creating simple products
    • bug fix: remove deprecated function calls for PHP 7.2 compatibility
    • bug fix: unable to import 0 as a value for attributes
    • bug fix: mirror new WooCommerce core behavior that forces all uncategorized products to...
  2. 2.3.9

    -bug fix: make product simple options when missing variation deleted
    -bug fix: set missing records out of stock for link all variations
    -bug fix: matching linked products
    -bug fix: link all variations - set custom fields for missing records
    -bug fix: setting order tax items via xpat
  3. 2.3.8

    improvement: added new filter wp_all_import_recount_terms_after_import
    improvement: Allow add variations as linked products
    bug fix: compatibility with woo commerce 2.6
    bug fix: error on activation without WP All Import
    bug fix: grouping variable products
    bug fix: Set parent product outofstock if all variations are outofstock
    bug fix: import stock status for 5th type of import variable products
    bug fix: do not update stock_status if _stock is not set to update
  4. 2.3.7

  5. 2.3.6

    Unknown changelog
  6. 2.3.5

    Unknown changelog
  7. 2.3.4

    Unknown changelog
  8. 2.3.3

  9. 2.3.2