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YITH WooCommerce Composite Products Premium 1.1.5

With our YITH WooCommerce Composite Products you could choose any composite product in a completely

Last Update:May 25, 2018 at 12:50 PM      
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  1. 1.1.5

    • New: WordPress 4.9.6 support
    • New: WooCommerce 3.4 support
    • New: Support to GDPR compliance
    • New: Composite Product "Virtual" option
    • Update: YIT Plugin Framework 3.0.12
    • Update: Dutch language
    • Update: Italian language
    • Fix: Composite Products weight calculation
    • Fix: Warning adding a composie product with "no" weigth
    • Fix: Component quantity input in cart if is null
    • Fix: Prevent customers from changing quantity in cart when fixed price
    • Fix: Minor bugs
  2. 1.1.4

    New: WordPress 4.9.2 support
    New: WooCommerce 3.3.x support
    Update: YIT Plugin Framework 3.0.12
    Dev: New "ywcp_hide_outofstock_components" filter
    Dev: New "yith_wcp_composite_children_subtotal filter
    Dev: New "yith_wcp_price_updated" trigger
    Fix: Discounted variable component price in minicart
    Fix: Minor bugs
  3. 1.1.3

    Tweak: Variation image replacement
    Update: YIT Plugin Framework 3.0.9
    Fix: "array_map" problem
    Fix: Deprecated method "get_formatted_variation_attributes"
    Fix: Discounted price of variations in cart
  4. 1.1.2

    • Update: YIT Plugin Framework 3.0.7
    • Fix: Dropdown reset after clear selection
    • Fix: Variarion products and discount to sale price
    • Fix: Minor bugs
  5. 1.1.1

    • New: WordPress 4.9 support
    • Fix: WooCommerce 3.2 support
    • Fix: Array filter error
    • Fix: Thumbnail replace problem
    • Fix: Component "Max quantity" problem
    • Fix: Deprecated 'woocommerce_add_order_item_meta' action
    • Fix: Minor bugs
  6. 1.1.0

    • New: WooCommerce 3.2 support
    • New: Duplication Components feature
    • New: YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts support
    • New: WooCommerce Advanced Quantity support
    • New: "Replace thumbnail" feature
    • New: Dutch .po and .mo files
    • Update: Plugin Framework
    • Fix: Variable products discount
    • Fix: Deprecated WC_Product::get_price_including_tax
    • Fix: Deprecated WC_Product::get_price_excluding_tax
    • Fix: Order again errors
    • Fix: Price not shown with WooCommerce...
  7. 1.0.10

    • New Support to WooCommerce 2.7(BETA 3)
    • New Filter to change the product description for the selected product, the filter is called 'yith_wcp_product_description'

    • Fix Selection doesn' t works anymore after 1.0.9 release with PHP versions less than 5.6
  9. 1.0.9

    • New Added option "Remove composite product quantity from order table" that allow the administrator to remove the quantity of the composite product in order list.
    • New The class printed in the cart table are now printed in the mini-cart too.
    • Fix The add to cart button was shown even if the composite product was "out of stock".
  10. 1.0.8

    Version 1.0.8 - Released: Jan 11, 2017
    • New: Option "Sort product by" in the component settings, now the admin can choose what is the order products for each component.
    • New: filters "yith_wcp_calculate_subtotals" and "yith_wcp_composite_add_child_items".
    • Fix: Quantity default value when minimum quantity is set in the component options.