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    Laravel Video Tutorials System - E-torial 8 Aug 16

    E-Torial is an tutorials driven system copy of Udemy. All users can be authors and students with one profile. They are able to buy and create courses. All key features: Upload or embed courses videos Interactive courses uploads Courses listings with filters Rating of courses and authors Full...
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    WPMU DEV - CoursePress Pro 2.2.2

    CoursePress Pro allows you to quickly create beautiful courses all within WordPress. Design and deliver beautiful courses, complete with bold media content, interactive questions, forums, chat and assessments, all within WordPress, no third party service required. Automated and manual...
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    LearnDash LMS

    Learning management systems are only as good as their core features, which is why we have incorporated only the best, most relevant features into our WordPress course plugin based on community feedback. LearnDash is truly a product of the people. We have made sure that the absolute necessary...
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