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  1. Apanha

    Gravity Forms - Conversational Forms 1.3.1

    Ditch the Drab, Embrace the Chat: Conversational Forms for Gravity Forms Tired of static forms that scare away website visitors? Gravity Forms' Conversational Forms add-on throws out the rulebook, transforming your forms into a friendly, engaging chat experience. Imagine this: Your website...
  2. Apanha

    Download Monitor Core 4.9.13

    This is Download Monitor Core plugin from and is needed so you can bypass the license thing.
  3. Apanha

    Easy Digital Downloads Pro 3.2.6

    Easy Digital Downloads Pro is a premium eCommerce solution that allows you to effortlessly sell digital goods on your WordPress website. Easy Digital Downloads Pro is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily sell digital products online. Easy Digital Downloads Pro It offers a range of...
  4. Apanha

    Unsupported ATUM Product Levels

    ATUM Product Levels is one of the essential add-ons for any contractor or manufacturer. If Bill Of Materials or product structure (BOM) is required to keep track of your production inventory, Product Levels is just what you have been missing. Create the complete list of raw materials or...
  5. Apanha

    Unsupported ATUM Multi Inventory for WooCommerce 1.8.8

    ATUM Multi Inventory for WooCommerce add-on takes the WooCommerce inventory control to a whole new level. Create as many inventories per product as you wish! ATUM Multi Inventory for WooCommerce Features: Inventory Selling Priorities LOT/Batch Recording Add Multiple Inventories Per Product...
  6. Apanha

    Unsupported ATUM Export Pro 1.6.0

    ATUM Export Pro generate manual or automated exports of almost any data in your WooCommerce. ATUM Export Pro is the most advanced tool for export and import from WooCommerce using XML, CSV, and JSON files. With ATUM Export Pro you can export products from WooCommerce, or any other information...
  7. Apanha

    Unsupported ATUM Action Logs 1.4.1

    ATUM Action Logs keeping track of any changes happening in your shop has never been easier. The Action Logs add-on supports all ATUM premium add-ons and all WooCommerce actions. Action log is a chronological record of every change and activity that is made on your website. A WooCommerce...
  8. Apanha

    Unsupported ATUM Purchase Orders PRO 1.1.9

    ATUM Purchase Orders PRO expands and improves the advantages that Purchase Orders had in ATUM free. It includes very useful and long requested features that allow the shop owners to manage their incoming stock in an effective way. ATUM Purchase Orders PRO give the user advanced control over...
  9. Apanha

    Unsupported ATUM Pick and Pack

    Unleash the power of our inventory pick and pack premium add-on and transform your inventory management into a well-orchestrated operation. With ATUM Pick and Pack you can streamline your operations, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction at every stage. ATUM Pick and Pack...
  10. Apanha

    WPForms Lead Forms 1.5.0

    WPForms Lead Forms are a powerful marketing tool that helps businesses generate leads and grow their customer base. WPForms Lead Forms integrates with popular email marketing services like Mailchimp, Aweber, and GetResponse, making it easy to collect, manage, and follow up with your leads right...
  11. Apanha

    Paid Memberships Pro - Group Accounts 1.0.1

    Sell group memberships to corporate organizations, families, teams, or any group of people where one member pays for a collection of people to access your content individually. The Group Accounts Add On for Paid Memberships Pro enables you to sell group memberships, where one account (the...
  12. Apanha

    Newsletter - Speed Control 1.0.5

    Change the delivery speed for a single email and/or change the delivery time window The Speed Control adds to each newsletter a set of configurations to change the speed (emails per hours) and the allowed delivery hours in the day (starting and ending hours). Changing the delivery speed...
  13. Apanha

    Newsletter - Paid Membership Pro 1.0.2

    Newsletter - Paid Membership Pro adds a leads generation system to the Newsletter plugin. Automatic updates available setting the license key on Newsletter configuration panel. The Paid Membership Pro integration for the Newsletter plugin enables the subscription of new members along with the...
  14. Apanha

    Newsletter - WP Users Integration 1.3.8

    This free add-on for the Newsletter plugin links the standard user registration flow to the subscription process. You can select between two main working modes: offer the subscription in the registration form (possibly pre-checked) force the subscription to your newsletter to every newly...
  15. Apanha

    Newsletter - Forms 1.1.1

    Shortcodes are an essential and very versatile feature of Newsletter, as they allow users to insert subscription forms in landing pages, widgets, and posts. When you need to insert a form on a page, all you have to do is to add the shortcode [newsletter_form] and our plugin will automatically...
  16. Apanha

    Newsletter - API v1 and v2 2.4.1

    Access programmatically to the Newsletter Plugin via REST API The REST API 1 is still active and supported but they’re less complete and flexible, so we suggest migrating as soon as you have the opportunity to review your integration.
  17. Apanha

    User Registration Pro

    **User Registration - The Best Registration Plugin for WordPress** WPEverest User Registration Pro Forms plugin provides you with an easy way to create any kind of forms including contact forms. Drag and Drop fields make ordering and creating forms so easy that even a beginner to WordPress can...
  18. Apanha

    Ultimate Member Core Plugin 2.8.6

    Ultimate Member is the #1 user profile & membership plugin for WordPress. The plugin makes it a breeze for users to sign-up and become members of your website. The plugin allows you to add beautiful user profiles to your site and is perfect for creating advanced online communities and...
  19. Apanha

    WPML GraphQL 1.0.0

    Designed for developers using Gatsby, React, Vue, and other popular front-end technologies, WPML GraphQL is the optimal solution for creating headless WordPress websites in multiple languages. WPML GraphQL integrates with WPGraphQL and adds new fields and filters to the GraphQL schema. After...
  20. Apanha

    e-addons TEMPLATE 2.0.2

    Incorporate your fabulous custom Elementor Templates everywhere. Be free to create dynamic Templates and use them as sub templates inside your pages.
  21. Apanha

    e-addons DISPLAY

    Show and hide elements on your Templates according to the conditions you prefer The Display extension lets you display elements based on logic conditions with a great many types of triggers. You can combine multiple triggers in or/and mode and thus define whether to show your element or not.
  22. Apanha

    e-addons TWIG 2.4

    Timber library and Twig are now on Elementor thanks to this awesome e-addons Twig with Timber is for both WordPress pros and rookies. People new to WordPress will like how it reduces the WordPress-specific knowledge required to create Elementor Templates used in a website. While pros can take...
  23. Apanha

    e-addons CREATIVE 2.4

    A collection of fascinating solutions that e-addons offers you as widgets and extensions with a high creative rate. Free your imagination, get out of the box or simply find solutions to your requests.
  24. Apanha

    Deprecated WPMU DEV - Forminator PDF Generator Add-on 1.0.1

    Generate and send PDF files (e.g., form entries, receipts, invoices, quotations) to users after form submission. Thanks to Forminator and E2Pdf, you can now quickly and easily generate a PDF from a form in WordPress. This makes it as simple as ever when creating agreements, contracts...
  25. Apanha

    Etsy Integration for WooCommerce 3.3.3

    Etsy Integration for WooCommerce allows merchants to list their products on Etsy marketplace and manage the orders from the woocommerce store. Sell on Etsy with Etsy Integration for WooCommerce. Automate, list, and sync inventories in a click and grow your sales.