1. Apanha

    Savoy - Minimalist AJAX WooCommerce Theme 2.9.6

    Savoy its modern minimalist design puts your products in focus, and our built-in AJAX functionality gives your customers a seamless user experience on both desktop and mobile devices. Savoy - Minimalist AJAX WooCommerce Theme Features: Minimal and modern design Fully AJAX enabled Compatible...
  2. Apanha

    e-addons TEMPLATE 2.0.2

    Incorporate your fabulous custom Elementor Templates everywhere. Be free to create dynamic Templates and use them as sub templates inside your pages.
  3. Apanha

    e-addons DISPLAY

    Show and hide elements on your Templates according to the conditions you prefer The Display extension lets you display elements based on logic conditions with a great many types of triggers. You can combine multiple triggers in or/and mode and thus define whether to show your element or not.
  4. Apanha

    e-addons TWIG 2.4

    Timber library and Twig are now on Elementor thanks to this awesome e-addons Twig with Timber is for both WordPress pros and rookies. People new to WordPress will like how it reduces the WordPress-specific knowledge required to create Elementor Templates used in a website. While pros can take...
  5. Apanha

    e-addons PRO PAYMENTS 2.1

    The most secure and known payment method it’s now available and easily configurable. With the e-addons PRO Payments, you can accept Paypal Standard payments on your site. It’s time to get paid for your service! The most secure and known payment method it’s now available and easily configurable.
  6. Apanha

    e-addons PRO FORM FILTERS 2.1

    Create Search Form to Filter your Posts Archive with advanced filters for Titles, Dates, Taxonomies, Custom Meta Fields and more! Fully customizable and rich of features, with dedicated extra widgets. The unique Posts Search filter based on Elementor
  7. Apanha

    e-addons PDF 2.2.2

    PDF is an absolute standard for text and image files. integrating a pdf generator among our e-addons is obviously an unmissable opportunity for our development team . With e-pdf you can have 2 practical tools: a button that will allow you to transform pages into pdf with a simple click, and a...
  8. Apanha

    e-addons PRO FORM STEPS 2.1.1

    Implement the features of the steps in the elementor forms with new very useful functions able to satisfy every need. You can save every single step, have a summary available that is implemented as the user enters his data, fully customize the legend, show all the steps and much more.
  9. Apanha

    e-addons PRO FORM ACTIONS 2.3.1

    Many new actions after sendig the elementor pro module to massively expand your possibilities. You will be able to generate personalized messages and manage redirects. You will be the master in managing the collected data by deciding where to save them. You will be able to transform them into...
  10. Apanha

    e-addons PRO FORM EXTENDED 2.5.3

    In our minds the elementor form should have been an all-around useful tool, adaptable to numerous needs and able to satisfy the creativity desires of professionals and hobbyists. The elementor form we had in mind and dreamed of, is now a reality shared with you. We have thought of everything...
  11. Apanha

    e-addons PRO FORM CONDITIONS 2.2.2

    Add Conditional logic on your Elementor PRO Form! Easily show or hide, enable or disable, require or collapse form Fields ans Steps based on values selected or entered in other fields on that form. Execute only required Actions based on User choices on the form. Manage submitted data on...
  12. Apanha

    e-addons MAPS 2.0.3

    Take advantage of all the potential of Google Maps API to generate customized maps full of details and style in a guided way.
  13. Apanha

    e-addons UI 2.2.2

    Elements to be integrated into Templates or Pages to improve the interface and navigation of the entire site and your landing pages.
  14. Apanha

    e-addons CREATIVE 2.4

    A collection of fascinating solutions that e-addons offers you as widgets and extensions with a high creative rate. Free your imagination, get out of the box or simply find solutions to your requests.
  15. Apanha

    e-addons QUERY 2.2.1

    Build lists of Users, Terms and Items thanks to the e-addons Query for elementor. The great variety of components in this package will allow you to always give new skins to your listings. Create a custom query, choose the main layout, set the visibility, order and style of any element to get...
  16. Apanha

    e-addons EXTENDED 2.5

    Extend basic Elementor functionality to achieve so much more A suite of tweaks for elementor that enhance basic functionality to achieve much more. Our extensions are designed to improve elementor in all directions: Extend creativity such as those related to the effects on titles, images...
  17. Apanha

    e-addons DEVELOPER 2.3.2

    In this plugin you find use the most powerful widgets, needed to break all limitations of WordPress and Elementor.
  18. Apanha

    e-addons for Elementor [Core Plugin] 3.4.1

    The new must-have tool-set for web experts. Exploit Elementor limitless potential, with powerful widgets & extensions, and boost your workflow. E-addons is specifically created to exploit the greatest potentials of the Elementor page builder.
  19. Apanha

    Vault - Multi-Purpose Elementor WordPress Theme 2.0.14

    Vault has professional, pixel perfect and clean modern layouts for almost any website you need With an impressive collection of demo templates, block library and One Click Demo Import, getting started with Vault will only take you a few minutes. Core Features Support for Elementor page...
  20. Apanha

    Elementor Connector for WooCommerce Bookings 1.7

    Elementor Connector adds a new WooCommerce Bookings widget to the theme builder for use in bookable products. Elementor Connector for WooCommerce Bookings Connect two of the most powerful plugins in WooCommerce to design the Bookings website you've always dreamed of! Elementor Connector for...
  21. Apanha

    Elemailer Pro 4.1.5

    Elemailer is the most modern, flexible and innovative Drag & Drop Email Builder with the power of #1 WordPress site builder Elementor. Design WooCommerce emails with Elementor inside WordPress. Make your WooCommerce emails branded with drag & drop Elementor builder. Account, new order, booking...
  22. Apanha

    Next Addons Pro 4.0.0

    NextAddons Pro is a most advanced addon for Elementor page builder of WordPress. NextAddons Pro Features: Friendly Functions It's provides the user very easy to use functionality to make their pages more gorgeous. Easy to Customize It offers to the user with Versatile customization option to...
  23. Apanha

    Exclusive Addons Elementor Pro

    Exclusive addons for Elementor is packed with a bunch of exclusively designed widget for Elementor with all the customization options you’ll ever need. Exclusive Addons comes with the ultimate Header-Footer builder for elementor. Create templates and place those at the top or bottom of the page...
  24. Apanha

    ShopLentor Pro (WooLentor Pro) 2.4.5

    WooLentor Pro - The WooCommerce elements library for Elementor page builder plugin for WordPress. Take your WooCommerce store to another level using WooLentor. Creating an exquisite yet professional online store is just a matter of a few clicks with this plugin. WooLentor provides you with...
  25. Apanha

    FacetWP Elementor 1.9.1

    FacetWP Elementor add-on lets you display facets alongside Elementor Pro listings. When this add-on is installed, compatible Elementor listing modules will display an extra “FacetWP” setting (see the screenshot below). Toggling this setting to “Enabled” tells FacetWP to use the desired listing.