envira gallery

  1. Envira Gallery - Elementor Addon

    Envira Gallery - Elementor Addon 1.1.0

    The Elementor Addon allows you to easily create, edit and sync your image and video galleries directly inside the Elementor page builder.Adds a custom Envira module to the Elementor Page Builder.
  2. Envira Gallery - WooCommerce Addon

    Envira Gallery - WooCommerce Addon

    Do you want to sell your photos?Envira Gallery offers a complete integration with WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce software in the world.With a blink of an eye, you can start selling all photos to your fans and clients.This addon was one of the most requested by our customers.Now...
  3. Envira Gallery

    Envira Gallery

    Envira Gallery is the easiest and most intuitive gallery plugin for WordPress. You can quickly create photo galleries, video galleries, content galleries, and other dynamically galleries with just a few clicks. The drag & drop interface makes it easy to use even for complete beginners.Envira...
  4. Envira Gallery - Zoom Addon

    Envira Gallery - Zoom Addon

    Do you want the ability for your users to get an up close look at your photos?Envira Gallery’s Zoom addon allows you to add functionality that allows visitors on your site to zoom in on images in your gallery’s lightboxes! You have the option to add a tint color, enable an effect, and choose...
  5. Envira Gallery - ZIP Importer Addon

    Envira Gallery - ZIP Importer Addon 1.2.3

    The ZIP Importer Addon for Envira Gallery allows you to import images from any .zip file straight in to your Envira Galleries.This feature is extremely handy when you have a large amount of images that you don’t want to upload manually. By zipping the folder up and then uploading the .zip...
  6. Envira Gallery - Watermarking Addon

    Envira Gallery - Watermarking Addon 1.4.2

    Do you want to protect your photos?Image theft is very common on the internet that’s why most top photographers watermark their photos.Envira Gallery’s watermark addon, you can easily add a watermark to your uploaded images when viewed in full size or lightbox mode.You can customize the...
  7. Envira Gallery - Videos Addon

    Envira Gallery - Videos Addon 1.6.6

    Do you want to create a video gallery in WordPress?Envira Gallery is not just the best photo gallery plugin, it is also best WordPress video gallery plugin.You can create a beautiful responsive video gallery using Envira’s Videos Addon.The Videos Addon allows you to create WordPress video...
  8. Envira Gallery - Tags Addon

    Envira Gallery - Tags Addon 1.7.15

    One of the biggest pain-point with the default WordPress media library is that there is no way to sort your images.We solved this problem by adding Image tagging in Envira.With Envira Gallery’s Tags addon, you can add custom tags to each of your images in your galleries.This is a really...
  9. Envira Gallery - Social Addon

    Envira Gallery - Social Addon

    Do you want to add social sharing buttons on your WordPress gallery images?Envira Gallery’s social addon allows your readers to share your gallery images on all the top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.The social addon adds share buttons on each of your gallery...
  10. Envira Gallery - Slideshow Addon

    Envira Gallery - Slideshow Addon 1.3.6

    Do you want to create a slideshow for your WordPress galleries?You see most WordPress gallery slideshow plugins are bloated and will slow down your site. Half the time they don’t even work properly.We saw this problem and fixed it by releasing a slideshow addon for Envira Gallery.The...
  11. Envira Gallery - Schedule Addon

    Envira Gallery - Schedule Addon 1.2.3

    Do you want to display your images, galleries, or albums for a specific period of time?With the Envira Gallery Schedule addon, scheduling your images is easy.Now you can automatically schedule individual images, whole galleries, and even albums to be displayed at specific time intervals...
  12. Envira Gallery - Protection Addon

    Envira Gallery - Protection Addon 1.3.4

    The Protection addon disables image right clicking in both the gallery display and lightbox views to prevent visitors from downloading your images.Using this addon is easy – all you have to do is activate it! After activation, the protection addon will be automatically enabled for all of your...
  13. Envira Gallery - Proofing Addon

    Envira Gallery - Proofing Addon 2.0.1

    Do you want to add photo proofing in your WordPress gallery?Proofing allows your clients to go through the gallery and pick their favorite photos from a photo session.Clients can easily specify the quantity and photo sizes they’d like to order from you.Photo proofing for WordPress was one...
  14. Envira Gallery - Printing Addon

    Envira Gallery - Printing Addon 1.3.6

    Do you want to give your users the ability to print photos on your site?Envira Gallery’s printing addon allows your users to easily and quickly print images from your WordPress galleries.Once activated, you have the ability to add the Print button on individual images in both gallery view as...
  15. Envira Gallery - Pinterest Addon

    Envira Gallery - Pinterest Addon 1.3.0

    Do you want to add a Pinterest Pin It button to your WordPress Galleries?Envira Gallery’s Pinterest Addon gives you the ability to add Pinterest “Pin It” buttons above your gallery images in the lightbox view.You can choose between the default gray, red and white buttons and choose to place...
  16. Envira Gallery - Password Protection Addon

    Envira Gallery - Password Protection Addon 1.4.5

    Are you a photographer who wants to password protect your client’s gallery?Or are you a business who wants to have an album for internal use only?Say hello to the Password Protection addon!The goal of password protection is to create a barrier, so unauthorized access does not occur.You...
  17. Envira Gallery - Pagination Addon

    Envira Gallery - Pagination Addon 1.7.11

    Do you want to split your WordPress galleries into multiple pages?Envira Gallery’s pagination addon allows you to paginate your galleries and albums!Pagination allows you to display your image thumbnails on multiple pages, and therefore speed up your load time and make your images easier to...
  18. Envira Gallery - NextGEN Importer Addon

    Envira Gallery - NextGEN Importer Addon 1.2.3

    Frustrated with NextGen gallery? We make switching to Envira Gallery really easy!The NextGEN Importer addon for Envira allows you to import your galleries from NextGEN into Envira with just a few clicks.Our smart importer will pull in all relevant data and information from your gallery...
  19. Envira Gallery - Lightroom Addon (Adobe)

    Envira Gallery - Lightroom Addon (Adobe) 2.0.0

    Looking for an Adobe Lightroom integration for WordPress? Create and Publish WordPress photo galleries straight from Adobe Lightroom with Envira Gallery.
  20. Envira Gallery - Lightroom Addon

    Envira Gallery - Lightroom Addon 2.3.1

    The Lightroom Addon for Envira Gallery allows you to create and synchronize your Adobe Lightroom Collections with your WordPress galleries.Yes, you’re reading this right – finally there is an Adobe Lightroom integration for WordPress.We know that photographers love using Lightroom for photo...