1. Formidable Datepicker Options

    Formidable Datepicker Options 1.0.3

    Add more options to the date fields in your WordPress forms. This plugin gives you more options for forms with datepicker fields, so only the dates you want can be booked.Formidable Datepicker Options Features:Blackout days of the week. Blockout dates by selecting specific days. Set the...
  2. C

    Completed Datepicker Options Add-On

    Would you please consider uploading this formidable forms add-on here? Many thanks in advance.Datepicker Options Add-On ---- Datepicker Options for WordPress dates - Formidable Forms
  3. AMPforWP - Formidable Forms for AMP

    AMPforWP - Formidable Forms for AMP 1.0.7

    Formidable Forms is one of the most popular plugin for adding the Contact Forms, Surveys & Quiz Forms and much more.This AMP compatibility addon adds the Support in AMP with just one click! This will work with the form builder and all kinds of fields with proper form validation.This addon...
  4. Formidable Forms - API Webhooks

    Formidable Forms - API Webhooks 1.10

    Release the Formidable Forms power to any other site with a full forms API and webhooks.Get view content and display it on a page with a simple shortcode. Insert a form on a page and accept submissions from another site. Trigger webhooks after an entry is created, updated, or deleted. This...
  5. Formidable Forms - MailPoet Newsletters

    Formidable Forms - MailPoet Newsletters 1.02

    Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to MailChimp? MailPoet is a plugin for sending WordPress newsletters. It helps you send newsletters to multiple lists and manage subscribers. If you very send many emails, it's likely that you will run into limitations with your SMTP service or your web...
  6. Formidable Forms - Polylang Multilingual

    Formidable Forms - Polylang Multilingual 1.08

    Create bilingual or multilingual forms with help from Polylang. Polylang is a free WordPress translation plugin that many rave about.It's easy to use the same form in multiple languages, while keeping all your collected data in one place.Please note: This add-on requires Polylang 1.9+ or higher.
  7. Formidable Forms - Form Action Automation

    Formidable Forms - Form Action Automation 2.05

    Power up your form actions with powerful automation. Each entry can have its very own set of scheduled form actions.Schedule email notifications based on time passed since the entry was created or updated. Use one of the fields on your form to schedule the email Schedule emails to go out...
  8. Formidable Forms - Stripe

    Formidable Forms - Stripe 2.05

    Do you want to safely collect credit card payments from your own site without a full eCommerce solution? This Stripe WordPress plugin helps you do exactly that. Create a form with any fields you choose, and set it to collect one-time or recurring credit card payments. In just a few minutes...
  9. Formidable Forms - Logging

    Formidable Forms - Logging 1.0b1

    See your Formidable API and Zapier requests along with their responses.After installing, you will find your logged form actions on the Formidable -> Logs page. Click on any logged action to see more detail.
  10. Formidable Forms - PayPal

    Formidable Forms - PayPal 3.09

    PayPal Payments for WordPress The Formidable WordPress PayPal plugin adds online PayPal forms to your site. Collect instant payments from your customers after form submission, even if they don’t have a PayPal account. The "Submit" button on your Formidable Forms sends the customer and their...
  11. Formidable Forms - Digital Signature

    Formidable Forms - Digital Signature 2.03

    Offer your clients the ability to sign forms electronically on the spot. Eliminate the need for paper forms. Simply add a digital signature field to your WordPress forms, then sign forms and contracts online.WordPress Digital Signature Form Plugin Features The WordPress Digital Signature Form...
  12. Formidable Forms - GetResponse

    Formidable Forms - GetResponse 1.04

    GetResponse is an email marketing platform with options for create webinars and landing pages. This GetResponse WordPress plugin collects leads in your WordPress forms and automatically adds them in GetResponse. From there, all the GetResponse features are ready and waiting. This allows form...
  13. Formidable Forms – Quiz Maker

    Formidable Forms – Quiz Maker 2.0.02

    The Quiz Maker plugin for WordPress turns WordPress forms into automated quizzes. Add questions including a quiz field, submit an entry as the quiz answer key, and publish the quiz on a page. Then all the grading is done for you.WordPress quiz plugin featuresCreate a Formidable form, and add...
  14. Formidable Forms Upload Importer Add-on

    Formidable Forms Upload Importer Add-on 1.0.01

    Are you importing a CSV into Formidable that includes urls for the upload fields? This add-on will automatically link up those uploads if they are already in your Media Library, or it will fetch and import the files from the url included in your CSV.
  15. Formidable Forms Signature Add-on

    Formidable Forms Signature Add-on 2.03

    Offer your clients the ability to sign their forms on the spot. Eliminate the need for paper forms. Simply add a signature field to your form and sign forms and contracts online.After the signature is submitted, an image is created and stored in your Formidable uploads folder.
  16. Formidable Forms Bootstrap Modal Forms Add-on

    Formidable Forms Bootstrap Modal Forms Add-on 2.0

    This WordPress plugin is the easiest way to create a Bootstrap modal form. Open any content in a Bootstrap modal or pop-up like the one we use on this site. Go ahead, check it out and click the login or search link at the top of the page. This plugin does not require Formidable Forms, and will...
  17. Formidable Forms WP Multilingual Add-on

    Formidable Forms WP Multilingual Add-on 1.11

    Integrate with the WordPress Multilingual Plugin to translate your forms into multiple languages.
  18. Formidable Forms Locations Add-on

    Formidable Forms Locations Add-on 2.02

    Use the Formidable Locations add-on to import Countries, States/Provinces, U.S. Counties, and U.S. Cities so you don't have to add all the locations manually. After this data is imported, it can then be used in Lookup fields. Lookup fields allow your users to select a Country, for example, and...
  19. Formidable Forms User Tracking Add-on

    Formidable Forms User Tracking Add-on 1.0

    Track which pages a user visits prior to submitting a form. This information can be viewed on the individual entry page in the admin and can be optionally included in email notifications.
  20. Formidable Forms Bootstrap Add-on

    Formidable Forms Bootstrap Add-on 1.02.02

    Instantly add Bootstrap styling to all your Formidable forms with this add-on. You'll also have extra options for text and number fields to allow you to prepend or append a label to your field. Take a look at the screenshots below to see the setting and the result.